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Dead Beat Mom Gets Over 150k On GoFundMe After Leaving Child Alone In Car In The Freezing Cold!

Dead Beat Mom Gets Over 150k On GoFundMe After Leaving Child Alone In Car In The Freezing Cold!

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This Is Wrong!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Liberty mom deflects haters, gets $100K in support following child endangering charge

That mom, Shaina Bell, spoke exclusively with 27 First News Trumbull County reporter Nadine Grimley

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A mother arrested after police found her kids all alone at a Liberty motel prompted some criticism but also an outpouring of support on social media.

When you talk to Bell about her three children – Faith, Jai’Sean, and Jade, ages 9, 7 and 3, her face just lights up.

“My kids bring me joy. They make me laugh. They’re my world. I would never do anything to harm my kids. My kids are everything to me,” she said. “That’s all I do is go to work and take care of my kids. That’s all I do.”

It was one week ago that Bell was arrested at her job at Little Caesars. She is accused of leaving her daughters by themselves inside a Motel 6 room where she’s been living.

“I had to go to work. My daughter decided that she wanted to stay here. My daughter told me that this is where she wants to be, and I felt that she was old enough to be able to stay here with her sister for a few hours because my job is right down the street,” Bell said.

But Bell ended up landing two misdemeanor charges of endangering children and spent the night in jail after her children’s father called police.

Although she says it’s embarrassing, Bell isn’t mad at anyone.

“I never set blame on anybody for anything because at the end of the day nobody left my kids in the hotel but me,” she said. “I’ve cried a couple of times since this situation started. I’m just trying to keep a level head and trying to stay strong because that’s all I can do.”

Her story gained a lot of attention from across the country, from both the haters and those who support the working mom of three.

“A lot of people are saying hurtful things, but a lot of people are also being there for me and showing great support. I have over $100,000 in a GoFundMe account right now. I didn’t ask for that, but people gave it to me, and I’m just over appreciative to what’s going on,” Bell said.

Bell says she’s going to use that money to buy a house for her children to live in and everything they need.

Youngstown police say parents threatened each other with knives while holding baby

It happened early Sunday morning at a house in the 300 block of Marmion Ave., according to a report

James Brown and Shaina Bell, charged with domestic violence in Youngstown.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police investigating a fight in Youngstown said they arrived to find a woman holding a knife in one hand and a baby in the other.

It happened early Sunday morning at a house in the 300 block of Marmion Ave., according to a police report.

Police said Shaina Bell dropped the knife when officers arrived. She told police that her boyfriend, James Brown, also had a weapon, according to the report.

Police said Brown was found with a box cutter in his pocket.

He told police that Bell pinched him and said he told her, “If you keep putting your hands on me, I’m going to put my hands back on you,” the report stated.

Brown said at that time, Bell went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He told police that she began to thrust it at him, as if she was going to stab him, the report stated.

Bell told police that the fight began because Brown was upset that she put Neosporin on their child’s buttocks. She said he pried the child out of her arms at which time she slapped him, according to the report.

Police said Bell told officers that she tried to get away from Brown, but he followed her around the house. She said he pulled a knife on her, so she grabbed another knife to defend herself.

Bell told police that Brown threatened to slice her neck, according to the report.

Police arrested Bell and Brown, and they were each charged with domestic violence.

They confiscated the knife and box cutter.

The report does not specify what happened to the baby.