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News 12 Reporter Sean Bergin Fired For Telling The Truth About Single Black Mothers! Tommy Sotomayor Weighs In! (Video)

News 12 Reporter Sean Bergin Fired For Telling The Truth About Single Black Mothers! Tommy Sotomayor Weighs In! (Video)

by July 17, 2014 21 comments

Fired For Telling The Truth!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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And you wonder why I do what I do.  This man was demoted for doing what he shouldn’t have done which we know that sometimes you cant offer opinion about the story but in many cases there are people who do it.

The problem here is that this man was telling the truth.

I have had my family threatened just because I tell the truth about this one little subject which is Fatherless Men In America.  I have had my career and my life threatened all because of my stance on this issue and how I connect it with violence, so what do you think would happen when a white man said some of the same things I said?  Well Look at the story below and see for yourself.

Yep and now you know why I have never went mainstream.  Why I will never take a job on any network or Sat Radio Network because I refuse to have someone tell me what I can and can not say when it comes to the truth.  The truth of the matter is that not only was he right but people are getting tired of it.

And at this point I will say that if they continue to have this mentality then let them kill each other off.  Just keep them in their own little city, dont send in anything but tanks if they try to leave.  Let them police themselves!  Since they have such disdain for the police then let them police themselves.  Since they have such disdain for government then let them govern themselves.

Lets be honest, were it not for the US govt giving these people hand outs they would die off within weeks and thats a fact!  They can sustain themselves because the households are being ran by irresponsible black women!  That woman didnt even know how to grieve for the loss of her husband, the other woman in the other story when her grand daughter was burned up was only concerned about her food stamps.. Black women today are lost!

You can hate me all you want but you cant take down my own personal website, my own movie that I am making and my videos that are promoted by me and word of mouth and it will stay that way.  There is a difference between blacks and niggers and what you saw in this report was a bunch of them running wild and we who have common sense and respect for the rule of law dont agree with any of the words uttered by the hair hatted hooligan!  THAT WEAVE AND WELFARE IS KILLING THEM!

Here is the entire words of Sean Bergin that upset the world but what it should have done is liberated the world and I hope FOX News gives this man a Job ASAP


News 12 New Jersey reporter suspended after on-air comments on ‘young black men’: report


TV reporter Sean Bergin blamed ‘anti-cop mentality’ on ‘young black men growing up without fathers’ in a shocking on-air segment following Sunday’s shooting death of New Jersey police officer, Melvin Santiago.

A TV news reporter who blamed “anti-cop mentality” on “young black men growing up without fathers” in a shocking on-air report has reportedly been suspendedbergin16n-2-web

JERSEY CITY POLICEJersey City police officer Melvin Santiago was shot and killed responding to an armed robbery.


The comments made by News 12 reporter Sean Bergin followed Sunday’s tragic shooting death of New Jersey police officer, Melvin Santiago. The suspected cop killer was described as boasting that he was “going to be famous” moments after the killing.

“We were besieged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give coverage to the life of a cop killer,” said Bergin at the start of his surprise editorial.

His retort to the outrage, however, was to blame it on the suspect’s race.

“The underlying cause for all of this, of course: young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject,” he said.

The Blaze reported that Bergin has since been suspended over his comments. The station, which serves various areas mostly in New York and New Jersey, is now reportedly mulling whether or not he’ll be asked to come back.

A spokesperson for News 12 would not confirm his suspension when reached by the Daily News.

“It is News 12’s policy that reporters must be objective and not state personal opinions on-air. In regards to the particular incident with Sean Bergin, the matter is being addressed internally and we don’t comment on personnel matters,” a News 12 spokesperson stated.