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Rihanna Showing The World Why She Should Never Ever Sing Live With Out Autotune & Backup Singers! (Video)

by June 18, 2014 13 comments

What Hero??

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Well dayum, this video was dug up out of the archives showing how great my girl RiRi sounds when shes using no equipment or autotune.  This made me laugh so hard that I had to share it with you guys.  So grab your seats and listen to the soulful sounds of Rihanna!

Now RiRi is fine, there is no doubt about it, but that singing thing just aint her thing!

See how when she put bangs over her 4head she looks 100 times better? Well the same goes for them vocals!

I still want to f*ck Rihanna for some odd reason and damn it, its gonna happen one of these days because for
her to get a record deal sounding like that, her head game gotta be outsanding!  I mean Jay z was like, im gonna make this chick a star and he did so with vigor.  Chris Brown gave her the poundcaking of a lifetime then got into a fight with the halfbreed S.I.M.P. from the great white north Drake over this chick.  The only dude who wasn’t willing to act a fool over her was Aston Kutchur because he told her to raise the f*ck up when she brought TMZ to his house!

But then Ashton had a daddy in his life so that might explain a lot huh?  Anyway. RiRi, the next time you bomb like that dont worry, you got enough money to shoot everyone like me who makes a joke a bird from your hill tom mansion. Its all love over here.  Take your midget head right on to the bank and let the world know they cant hold you down sister!


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