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Texas Man Wanted After Shooting Woman In The Leg Multiple Times As She Fought His Girlfriend! (Video)

Texas Man Wanted After Shooting Woman In The Leg Multiple Times As She Fought His Girlfriend! (Video)

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Was This An Attempted Murder?
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

A man is being called a punk, weak, soft and a b*tch because of the actions that he took during a street fight between his girlfriend and another woman.

He is now also being looked at as a suspect as many believe he attempted to take a womans life as he shot her several times in the leg!

Austin police have identified the suspect in a Sunday shooting off of East Seventh and Red River Streets as Reginald Isaiah Thomas.

Police had previously filed an arrest warrant for Thomas using his alias, Reginald Michael Lee.

A man identified as Reginald Lee, 26, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to an arrest affidavit. Police said the name is an alias and they did not immediately have the suspect’s name. It was unclear whether he was in Travis County Jail on Monday.

The victim told police the fighting was a continuation of an earlier encounter at Teji’s Indian Restaurant on East Sixth Street on Thursday. She said she and her siblings were at the same restaurant Saturday night into Sunday morning when she saw Lee speaking with her brother. According to an arrest affidavit, the victim said she saw Lee was carrying a gun, so she hit him and knocked him out to try to give her brother and herself time to flee the restaurant. When Lee tried to grab her brother, she used pepper spray on him, she told police.

The victim told police she and her brother ran away from the scene, but Lee chased them. As they were running, she heard gunshots being fired, the affidavit said.

She and her brother stopped at the corner of East Seventh and Red River streets and saw Lee and another woman walking towards them. Lee then told the other woman to fight the victim, she told police. While the fight ensued, Lee jumped on the victim’s back and began to hit her, she said. He then pulled a handgun and shot her repeatedly while she was lying on the ground, she told police.

According to the victim, Lee said, “I want you to die. I am not going to stop until I kill you” while he shot her. The victim and her siblings said she knew Lee, but the affidavit did not specify a relationship.

The victim was taken to a hospital with injuries not considered to be life-threatening, court documents say. The fight and shooting was also recorded on surveillance cameras in the area, police said.

Now honestly, we all know that her version of events are a f*cking lie and you can tell just by not only looking at the video but listening to what she had to say about the incident afterwards at the hospital!