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Stank Puss-N-Boots, Cause If Herpes Had A Mascot, It’d Be Her! #TheDNAFiles

Stank Puss-N-Boots, Cause If Herpes Had A Mascot, It’d Be Her! #TheDNAFiles

by July 29, 2017 6 comments

You Can Smell The Fish & Chips Through The Screen!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the strange and unusual world of the American black woman.  A woman who can walk out in public with seemingly no sense of shame or decency at all for her self or other around her.

In the photo below you will see a black woman who was captured out in public with not only the worst color weave possible but it so far back on her head that any Klingon would be jealous!  She has tats on her body which we all know that when you do that to dark skin its like skywriting at night but the coupe de gras is that you see on her lower half!

This so called woman is donning her boyfriends drawers along with some boots that seem to be fashionable but out of place with the damn drawers.

Now this is a classic case of a black woman seeking DNA (D*ck N Attention) at any cost because no person in their right minds would walk out of the house like this but then black women are not in their right minds (for the most part)

Black women have gotten to the point in life now that they will literally do any damn thing to be seen by the public so what do you think about this display?