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The Real Reasons Brother Polight Was Arrested Straight From The Court Records! (Video)

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Is He A Child Rapist?
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

No matter what side of the fence that you sit, nothing good can come out of this because either a mans life is ruined or a child’s so there are no winners here!

If this story turns out to be a lie, the women will get away with what they did though but the man had to suffer either way and this is the harsh part about the so called American Justice System!

Motivational Speaker Arrested for February Assault of Teen in Miami Beach

The alleged victim is the daughter of a woman Michael Noak, 37, was romantically linked to, according to police.

Michael Noak Jr., also known as “Brother Polight,” surrendered to police Monday for the alleged sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl in a hotel room in February.

The alleged victim is the daughter of a woman Noak, 37, was romantically linked to, according to police.

Defense attorney David Tarras says his client is innocent.

“Once the evidence is produced, he is going to be exonerated,” Tarras said. “So yeah, not guilty. Nothing else.”

According to the police report, Noak – who is a motivational speaker and author and lives in Los Angeles – asked the woman if he could take her daughter to an afterparty at a club in Miami.

The report states Noak took the teen to his hotel after seeing that the club was closed.

Police say the suspect gave the teen alcohol and started dancing and touching the teen inappropriately, groping her breasts, inner thighs, and buttocks.

It goes on to say Noak tried to force the teen to perform oral sex on him.

The teen allegedly passed out and woke up to Noak trying to make her throw up.

“These are serious allegations, but in any situation, there is always motive,” Tarras said. “There is always a lot behind the scenes that the public is not going to be able to see.”

The report states that the girl’s mother found her intoxicated and possible on drugs with severe swelling on her mouth and lips.

It later states Noak told the mother not to call police because it would ruin his career.

Noak was served with a DNA warrant in June and surrendered to police on Monday.

Tarras says the police report is only an allegation.

“We have no doubt that he is not this person, the attorney said. “We’re going to get him past this and back on with his life.”

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