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Hundreds Of Wild Niggaz Fight Each Other Causing Entire Pittsburg Mall To Close Down! (Exclusive Video)

Hundreds Of Wild Niggaz Fight Each Other Causing Entire Pittsburg Mall To Close Down! (Exclusive Video)

by December 30, 2014 1 comment

Of Course This Is White Supremacy’s Fault!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

You know that none of this would have happened if it were not for white supremacy right?  You do know that if it wasn’t for all of these coons in the united states of america like me that these young black kings and queens would be somewhere in their castles and pyramids not in malls fighting!

These black kids would be curing cancer if it wasn’t for me making videos and talking bad about black people!  Of course I am a cancer to the community and not the people who are doing these things or the people who are raising these kids!

In Pittsburg, a group of hundreds of blacks started a brawl at a local mall which caused people to run in fear and for the mall to yet again close down early!  Watch…

After watching the displays of violence today and over the past few years, is there any reason to not understand why other races treat us the way that they do?  Also, is there any reason for us to constantly keep blaming the white man for what befalls us when the majority of black problems are black created?

There should never be something like this happening when we know that we are viewed the way that we are viewed in the united states.  There should never be a situation where other blacks are not outraged by the acts of not only our old but especially our young!

What makes this really sad is that you got kneegrows who would never live in these neighborhoods nor be seen around these people yet they are on the internet so called standing up for them and calling any black person who calls out their behavior as uncle toms and coons.  The black people who actually want to see better and that arent out ruining the lives of other blacks are actually villianized more than the people who are actually doing the crimes which is making the criminals more emboldened to do crap like this!

The Monroeville Mall closed early Friday after multiple fights began on the first floor and moved upstairs, police said.

Dozens of police officers from four agencies were called to the mall Friday evening after an initial 911 call.

At least two young adults were taken to hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries, said Monroeville police Chief K. Douglas Cole, and at least two were arrested for fighting from a domestic dispute earlier in the day. He said he expects a number of disorderly conduct citations to be issued as well, although he could not say how many.

The chief said his officers learned later Friday that through social media, hundreds of teens were showing up at the mall, with the influx starting about 4:30 or 5 p.m. and reaching as many as 1,000, according to mall security officers.

“It wasn’t like it was an organized event,” Chief Cole said. Officers will investigate whether the incident was the result of any kind of protest, but the chief said there does not appear to be any evidence of that.

The first 911 call to Allegheny County dispatchers was made at 7:50 p.m., said Amie Downs, a spokeswoman for the county. A second call asking for additional support — which prompted officers from Wilkins, Churchill and the county to respond — was made eight minutes later.

The fights spread, Chief Cole said, as groups of people were running from one side of the mall to the other.

Kyle Edwards, 18, works at the American Eagle store on the mall’s second floor. He was on his break when he saw a fight start on the first floor involving what looked like a teenage girl. Then a male became involved, he said, and “It got bad.”

He saw the fighting moving on the first floor toward Macy’s and then spread up the escalator.

“There were quite a few people fighting,” he said. “I walked back in the store and said, ’This is really bad.’”

Stores nearby American Eagle, including Bath & Body Works and Rue 21, closed, and Mr. Edwards spoke with other employees in his store. They agreed to lock up and told the customers inside they could stay or leave, but they were closing the gate. He estimated about 15 or 20 customers were inside with him.

Mr. Edwards estimated they locked down at 8:05 p.m.

Mall management agreed to close the mall early because the fighting was depleting police resources, Chief Cole said, but by the time everything had shut down, it was close to the normal 9 p.m. closing time.

County police requested additional Port Authority buses run routes from the mall to assist in more quickly dispersing the crowd, the chief said.

There was some minor damage throughout the mall as people were trying to leave — running into things and knocking into kiosks — but nothing substantial, Chief Cole said.

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