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Director, Actor & Writer Noah Applebaum Scores A Summer Hit With His New Dairy Queen National Commercial! (Video)

Director, Actor & Writer Noah Applebaum Scores A Summer Hit With His New Dairy Queen National Commercial! (Video)

by May 29, 2014 0 comments

The Catchiest Jingle This Summer!

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


This week, Dairy Queen released a national campaign to get you the consumer to run out and buy a Blizzard brand treat to keep you cool and satisfy your sweettooth for the summer.  I myself am a fan of the Blizzard but my favorite of all time just happens to be the Banana Split Blizzard but there is a new commerical out for a Smores flavor.

As I was working this morning, I did my usual by watching the TVor better yet letting it watch me while I work and make my daughter breakfast! As I scrambled the eggs, I heard a tune that was so cool to me and catchy so I took a look to see exactly what the song was attached too.  As many of you know, I am a TV and commercial buff and I repeat things that stick in my head as this song immediately began to stick in mind.

When I looked up, I saw this guy doning a scruffy beard and looking really familiar to me.  Take a look…

Now my daughter is still here bobbing her head and asking me not only to play it again but to take her to get a Blizzard.  Now I cant blame her because hey, I want to go get one two so let me make this quick.. lol

As I said in the video, Noah Applebaum, the man with the creativity in this video is also the same guy who put together the video of me meeting my white fans which can be seen below!

Noah’s Dairy Queen video became so popular that there was a discussion about this commercial in the NY Times which was shared by his better half Fru-Tron on facebook where I took a look and was even more impressed.  The guy does great work and if there are any of you looking to find out more about him to do anything from writing, performing or filming, just hit him up at  Also, to see the NY Times article click here.


Here is the promo for the movie Directed By Noah Applebaum that I was in which drops in 2015

Here is a snippit from the NY Times piece on Noah & The Dairy Queen ad!

Those at Barkley who work on the Dairy Queen account have “done a great job of challenging themselves to give the campaign a deeper emotional connection and make it more entertaining,” he added, citing a new song for the S’mores Blizzard promotion. It is performed in a video by a singer and guitarist, Noah Applebaum, who begins: “S-apostrophe-M-O-R-E, s’more for you and s’more for me. S-apostrophe-M-O-R-E, smush it all together, that’s the key.”

It is, Mr. Westrum said, “going to be one of those songs you can’t get out of your head.” To encourage the song’s transformation into an ear worm, there will be displays in stores that will play the song when customers push a button, and a special website,, will allow consumers to download sheet music and ringtones, enter a music video contest, read a “survival guide” on subjects like campfires, and locate a nearby Dairy Queen.

“We’re trying to give fans a way to interact with us beyond viewing a spot or a video,” Stephanie Parker, vice president and account director at Barkley, said in a phone interview. For instance, one day next month, the agency plans to bring Mr. Applebaum into the social-media center, Ms. Parker said, “and he’ll be our Dairy Queen community manager for the day.”

“We know he’s bringing his guitar,” she added, laughing.

I Just want to give a sincere thank you Noah for allowing me to work with you and seeking me out to work with you.  It meant and means more than you could ever know.  Respect~T.S.  #BEARDPOWER