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Half Breed Criminal’s MugShot Exposes Thug Lovin Internet Tarts True Desires! (Video)

Half Breed Criminal’s MugShot Exposes Thug Lovin Internet Tarts True Desires! (Video)

by June 20, 2014 97 comments

Proof Of What Black Women Want!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


The more that I talk about what black women truly want, the more names I get called.  The more I put up facts upon facts about how they act, the more Im told that I am a self hater.  The more I show who their kids fathers are the more they tell me that I been to jail.  The more I show you who they are fighting over in the streets the more they tell you that I hate my mom or have been hurt. But I ask you honestly, has anyone ever disputed one thing that I have said since I started doing this?   One fact that I have brought to the table?

Well this story of the California inmate who has made panties across america wetter than a tug boat out to sea during a hurricane has made many people come to me and say, “Tommy, I now see what you mean”!

Its hard to deny how women, black women in particular, are in love with the low lifes of society as long as they look mixed or white-ish.  Now I am not a hater because well I love myself the lighter skinned chicks but its not because I like the way they look they just seem to be softer in attitude.  And I would understand if the women were going after this guy for that but they are not.  He is  criminal.  A career criminal but still women are willing to spend their hard earned money to get this man out of jail and for what?

There is nothing wrong with having your preferences in men or women in cars or homes but why would you go after a home thats haunted or a car thats been recalled?  Thats essentially what the women who are making these comments are saying.  If he was a banker or something like that then I would understand but dude is a criminal.

Now you got negros all around the US saying how I Been to jail yet this guy is in jail and not just jail, he is in Prison but is that stopping these women from wanting to be with him?

After the last few days and seeing women want to give their hard earned money to get this man out of jail, I realized that I have no chance at ever getting what I always wanted.  A woman to settle down with that loves me as much as I love her and have a family together.  There is no such thing as loyalty or family when it comes to either black people or other chicks who regularly date black dudes.  We only see struggle and women are attracted to that.  I guy like me gets eaten up and spit out because hey I actually will be at home, I actually will pay the bills, I actually will rub your feet and back, I actually will make your life easier but this guy, hey you will have to send him money while hes in jail.  You will have to pay his parole officer but hey thats not a problem because look how pretty his eyes are!

These women have started a fund to bail out a criminal but will go hard at getting a man put in jail over child support.  These women will not take that money to send their kids to private school or to home school their kids but they will give it to a man with pretty eyes.   I know I am just one man but I can see why men die earlier than women do because we actually love harder than they do.

Women will leave you for anything and are not consistant at anything but seeking out drama and  low lifes!  Be a nice guy and watch how f*cked up they treat you!  Notice how Troy Davis couldnt get a soul to help him, or Brian Banks?  Hell even Tupac had to turn to Suge Knight to get money, why?  Well be a dark skinned dude and go to jail and see how they let you rot in there but this guy here gets the females up and ready to bail him out?? WOW

Oh & P.S.  I just found out that the fund was set up by his White Mom & Halfbreed sister! So there.. lets see who donates! Oh and he is married with a child for those asking.  But finally, lets see how he fairs in prison with those pretty eyes and light skin and eurocentric features!  LOL

Isnt it funny how black women hate to see black men with white women but love the kids that they make?

Below are the words of Nojma Reflects From Facebook.  Lets see who calls her a coon or that she hates her mother!


You know there are some days where I’m embarrassed to be a woman. Today is one of those days. The mugshot of Jeremy Meeks has gone viral and the comments from WOMEN are vulgar and disgusting. On some sites his picture has gotten 45K likes and even up to over 200K likes.

His charges are as follows:

“The 30-year-old Stockton, CA convicted felon is being held on $900,000 bail for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity. The specific charge is street terrorism.”

In addition to the comments on the picture, I’ve read comments of women stating the sexually explicit things they would do to him, how they love thugs and want to have his babies.

And we have the nerve to complain about the lack of good men! Apparently we aren’t looking for a good man. We want that thug love. That thug passion. The Bad Boy.

This is very telling of the state of mind that women have today. We are forward. We are thirsty. We are sexually aggressive. And of course this showcases another form of hypocrisy. We chatise Men for their reaction to women and their looks and here we are fawning over a criminal!

We’d be all over men if the roles were reversed. We’d call them dogs, berate them and of course remind them that this is why good women are being passed over but we are to busy passing ourselves to bad boys to notice the good men.

And if a criminal catches our eye and makes us lose control it’s very easy to see how we end up in dysfunctional relationships with multiple baby daddies. It doesn’t take much. Be attractive. Be a thug. Have no ambition but I’ll have your babies. ..then I’ll complain about the bum I laid down with knowing you were a bum when I met you.

Good men are an afterthought after we let the bad boys run through us. Give us children. Sit around our house while WE pay the bills. Get disrespected. Then after we have a high body mileage we want the good man. We want him to play Daddy to the children we had with the bad boy or bad boys. The same men we mocked we look for them to marry us.

So we look for the cream of the crop to wife up bottom feeders. And I say bottom feeders because we were fueled by our lower selves.

“One user has set up a Facebook fan page for Meeks, who is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 bail.”

This is what we’re willing to do for a CRIMINAL. ..but let our Baby Daddy be behind on his child support…we’d show him NO mercy.