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Black Beastie Mom Punches Her Daughter In The Face Because She Believes She Had S-E-X In The House! (Video)

Black Beastie Mom Punches Her Daughter In The Face Because She Believes She Had S-E-X In The House! (Video)

by March 21, 2014 0 comments

The Fist Is The Belt Of Choice Now?

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So this is how you discipline your kids?  So this is what they mean when they tell me YO MOMMA BLACK?  Is this what they mean when they say strong black women because yeah you have to be strong to throw that punch!

Watch the video below, see how the woman decides to discipline her kid by punching her square in the face!

The worst part and the sad part about this story is that the girl didnt even go down.  How does anyone take that blow to the face and not go down or even cry?  Thats how the Terminatrix is made!  The mom didnt even seem to care that the daughter was having intercourse, she seemed to only care that it took place in her house.. WAY TA GO QUEENS!

I can bet you there will be someone defending this type of behavior.  There will be someone who says “My Momma punched me in the face and I turned out ok”!  I mean the logic of most black people is so flawed that the people who are molested might just start coming forward to say “I got molested when I was little and I turned out ok”  as if to say that the end justifies the means.  Also most blacks who claim they are doing OK are far from it.

This woman needs to be put in jail asap!  Were this a father who punched his daughter in the face he would be under the jail right now!’

Notice too how the daughter wouldnt fight back?  See that belief that the black woman can never be wrong has gotten a lot of kids killed in their own homes.  This woman is so far out of line it is ridiculous yet no one stepped in to stop it.  She actually thought it was a good idea to post it on line as well and you wonder why the majority of black girls run away from home between the ages of 13-17?  Because they are being terrorized in their own homes by their sh*t bags of mothers… WHO JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE BLACK!!! HMMM

Lets see if any of the blacks who dont like me will go after this mother and drop her docs?  Lets see if they will make a video to get her kids taken away?  Lets see if they will stalk her in and around the internet for over a year threatening her with physical harm?  Lets see if they do anything because with me they say I am eventually going to get a black woman or girl hurt but they dont lift a finger to help any of the black women and girls that are getting hurt everyday.. WHY IS THAT?

She didnt hit this girl because of my message, actually it was because of their message.. but shhhh dont want to ruin their fun of screwing with me all day now do we?

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