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The Entitled Half-Breed “How Mixed Chicks Feel Like They Own Black Men!” (Video)

The Entitled Half-Breed “How Mixed Chicks Feel Like They Own Black Men!” (Video)

by March 4, 2014 1 comment

The Entitled Half-Breed

By: Tommy Sotomayor

How many of you have ever heard a mixed woman say, “They mad at me because I’m beautiful”?

How many of you have ever heard a mixed woman say, “I was picked on when I was little because of being light skinned”?

What about this one “People always say that I think I’m all that”?

What about, “I got picked on because I got good hair”?

The mixed woman of today feel great about being black simply because we as black people love mixed people.  We love them so much that we all claim that we are mixed.  We love them so much that we play in their hair, that we claim we cant wait to have a baby with them and that we let them lead us around by the nose.

Do you know that most mixed people as adults think that they actually are better than actual black people because they spent their whole lives being told that they are or being accused of thinking that they are but how do the people that they are mixed with treate them?

Well, whites dont treat mixed people better than white people, Asians dont treat mixed asians better than asians.  Hell can you name one group that does this other than blacks?  This is why I will never say mixed people are black because this whole thing was created to screw with black peoples head.  One of the first thing that whites did in colonial times was kill them men and rape the women to create a confuses people who would be easier to subjegate!

Mixed women are the worst because they have a fun time trying to be white, see that it doesnt work then they come running back to blacks as still number 1.  Mixed chicks love to hang out with a group of dark skinned chicks because they know they will stand out and be treated better.  Notice how everytime you get into a fight with the mixed chick she calls you ugly, or ape or some name like her white daddy would?

And I wasnt throwing shade in the video, I just cant understand why a woman who calls your hair nappy and says shes not black until she saw a financial opportunity can now lead yall? And I really cant get behind the so called problack men who are upstanding back this up.  I cant!

See, We black men are no better.  As a man, every mixed chick that I have been with or have had on my show has been described as beautiful yet the dark ones at best get called sexy and talked to like a common whore.  These things were put in us by the women though.  You praise mixed chicks so much that as a man I would be a fool to note walk around with one.  Hell yall so dumb that you spend every day trying to tell my girl that she has some black in her!

Yall are so stupid that you said Bill Clinton was the first black president because he smoked weed, played the sax and cheated on his wife.!  There will be a part 2

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