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Woman Goes On Instagram To Brag About How She Has Raped Men Before & Will Do It Again! (Video)

Woman Goes On Instagram To Brag About How She Has Raped Men Before & Will Do It Again! (Video)

by January 22, 2019 0 comments

So Where Is The Liberal Outcry?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Let me ask you, can a man make a joke today about rape and people laugh it off and say oh its just a joke why are you taking this so seriously?  Well if the answer is no then the next question that we should all ask then is why is it when women make these types of statements we consider them jokes?

A woman (and I use that term very loosely) on her Instagram page decided to let the world know that no only has she raped men in her past but if given the chance she will continue to do so in the future, take a look.

So this woman, Mercedes, who look like any ole NFL Cornerback in the league today openly states that she is so sexual that she will take it from a man and that she has done this before.  She says she gets a feeling that the guy is clean which means everyone is getting that thang rawdog yet no one sees a problem with this?

There is a very good reason why black women lead the world in STD’s, kids out of wedlock and are the fewest chosen of all women on earth and that is because they are literally bottom feeders at this point.  Why is it that so many of them that work in jails end up pregnant by the inmates?  Why is it that child support court is filled with them and stats show that when they do test a man for paternity, 56 percent of the time the first guy they test is not the father?

Why is it that 48 percent have herpes and 60 percent are obese?

Why is it that people hear stories like this from these women and don’t even flinch?