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How Melissa Speaks & George Zimmerman Rule Over Black People! Black Pros, Gun Shows & Black Hoes! (Video)

How Melissa Speaks & George Zimmerman Rule Over Black People! Black Pros, Gun Shows & Black Hoes! (Video)

by March 9, 2014 2 comments

And The Truth

By:  Tommy Sotomayor


So let it be known, this will hopefully be the only time that I address this because

1.  Im not a stalker.

2.  I don’t enjoy or like beef like this especially with people that I once considered friends.

This situation, is literally some of the main reasons why I am going to slow down on helping people especially when it comes to my business.  I will say it direct here and not play around with hiding the names of the parties involved.  I am speaking of Jason Black And Melissa Ortiz AKA Melissa Speaks!

I considered both of these people friends to the point of where I encouraged them both and helped market them both.  All of a sudden one day someone told me that there is this woman who speaks just like me out there and she has a good message.  They were encouraging me to get her on my show and I was like yeah I know I have posted some of her stuff.  She used to call into the show and talk on my facebook page but thats when I realized that she no longer does any of those things.  I went back and noticed that she doesn’t call the show, comment on the post, post in the group, none of that and the tone of her message has changed as well.  I even noticed that she had changed her look and how she presented herself on the video as if she was the authority on all things black, and then she did a video asking why are black women so argumentative???!!!

Well that was it for me but what shocked me even more was when Jason Black or The Black Authority was pushing her.

Now for those of you who knew that part of the story, Jason would call into my show and I thought dude was cool.  So much so that I would literally let him take over my show and promote what ever he had going on including his show.  I used to let him come on the show so much that when he wasnt there people would ask for him.  I literally treated this guy like he was my brother, so much so that when a millionaire by the name of Derek Broes was on my show and they got into it, I took Jasons Side PRONTO!  I have stood up for Jason as if I actually knew this man and I never met him.  I stood up for Jason and vouched for a man I had never seen and sent my audience to him so imagine how shocked I was when things went down with me and Miss Mo that his advise to me was to stop showing the world my “White” girlfriend and to take 6 months off of youtube and my radio show because I have ruined my brand and he cant allow my ruined brand to ruin his.

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Well I didn’t get mad at him at all, I understood his position.  I was sad that a person I considered my friends was so willing to jump ship and that he would tell me to not make videos or do my show because of my personal life.  But now that I think back on it, why should I be surprised.  If I had taken 6 months to a year off, where would we be right now?  Hell Melissa Speaks might have turned into every person I ever had on my show or that showed me love speaking.  By the time I got back, The Black Authority would be Tommy & Tommy would be an after thought!

It seems like team work is only possible if you own the team.

Now after I didnt leave, I noticed The Black Authority wasnt around anymore but that didnt shock me because he said if you dont go away, I cant help you and I cant let your mess ruin my brand and that made sense.  But then the next thing I know, shots kept getting fired my way.  The last straw was when I heard him tell people that you cant build unless its a black man and a black woman.  That a black man with a white woman will get black people killed and that sat me off.

Which leads us back to Miss Ortiz.

See The Black Authority doesnt like interracial relationships and I get it.  And Melissa doesn’t think very highly of black women at all because she has let it be known on several occasions that she doesn’t hang  with them and doesn’t get along with them.  She made sure to say several times that she is not black.  The she hates that black people try to make her black.  She is also deeply conservative and thinks that the majority of blacks are lazy and are on welfare.  She has 2 kids from 2 men so this makes me wonder, how the hell can Mr “A Man With A White Women Will Get Us Killed” Be her biggest supporter?

These things were weird to me because I spent time reading her twitter after being told by someone to watch and here are the shocking tweets that prompted this video & Article!

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Now after reading all of this, The Authority didn’t speak on it or offer to back away from her like he offered to do me for dating out of my race.  No he doubled down on the tough talk and said he was going to expose men and women who had been trying to “get at” Miss Ortiz via facebook, twitter or text.  So I guess what she does is collect emails from black men and women just incase she needs them and I guess they were so close that Mr Authority was sent these messages to have just in case all of this came out.  Who knows but thats one of the top plays out of the simp playbook right there.  I laughed!

My girl gets hit on all day by lames, you think I am putting out messages saying that they shouldnt be allowed to disagree with me because they trying to f*ck my girl?  Especially if there is a valid disagreement.

So does The Black Authority not think that Supporting George Zimmerman is a valid reason to question this woman?  Does the man who doesnt believe in interracial relationships think its fair to trot the product of an interracial relationship who is a Zimmerman supporter and believes blacks are a do nothing race?  Does he think its cool to hold this woman up as the black woman that other black women need to strive to be? Well sir seems like my white girl who is 33 with no kids and not sitting on line trying to act like shes better than her history shows is a better example for black women to look up to dont you think?

Now in her state, George Zimmerman held an autograph signing and hand shaking fest with whites who believe just like Melissa speaks because as you see, she said that she popped bottles when he was acquitted.  This man was not harrassed by the black authority nor any of the other so called blacks in this fake race war.  Not one of the people over there at regressive finds what she said about a dead black boy and other black people were offended.  And now, you have blacks supporting this woman en masse who is telling you negro women how you need to improve your lives.

I have several people in the black struggle today who can vouche for me, can any of my detractors say the same?

And this is all for the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR!


Since he feels I am not fit to be in a black movement (which I agree with him by the way) lets see if he comes out and condemns the words and actions of Melissa?  That will let you know if hes fit to be in this so called black movement as well will it not?? Hmmmm

PS.. Why have you blacks done nothing at all when it comes to Zimmermans world tour but you cant wait to bring me down???  I mean there are black youtubers right now offering to beat me up and kill me but not one of them have done that to The Zimmerman?  Not one black youtuber is threatening him and his family?? Really? WOW!!

Lastly:  Why is she not going in on ratchet hispanics since she goes out of her way to say that she isnt black?  I mean the ratchet hispanics are a large group as well.  But then we dont want to do that.  Black people are easily fooled.  If this woman was able to divide yall like that then image what is going on the we didnt see.  And since The Black Authority is so worried about someone getting you killed, its funny how he didnt see this mole in the midst!

This is her video that turned me off Click Here