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Man Eaten Alive By Crocodile In Front Of His Family, Police Later Find His Remains Inside Of The Animal! (Video)

Man Eaten Alive By Crocodile In Front Of His Family, Police Later Find His Remains Inside Of The Animal! (Video)

by June 10, 2014 47 comments

What Other Race Would It Be?

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor


So, if you read the title of this story and were offered 1million bucks if you had to name what race of person was eaten whole by a crocodile what race would you say?

Wait before you answer, maybe you should watch this video and then answer!

Dear white people, can you explain to me why your idea of a vacation is being in a place where signs tell you to beware or let you know that there are dangerous animals lurking around that can and will possibly kill you?

Now I get it, adventure is fun, thats why you guys created Adventure parks and worlds tallest & fastest roller coasters, but this?  I dont know if i could get behind this type of stuff.  The story of the man who was killed by the crocodile goes like this.

The devastated family of the 62-year-old man who was snatched by a crocodile from a boat in Kakadu National Park were forced to drive for one hour off track before they could get help, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.

The three family members, from Darwin, had no phone reception as they witnessed the man get dragged into the water by a 4.7m long saltwater crocodile on Saturday, just after lunchtime, during a fishing trip.

They were on the boat with him at the Flying Fox waterhole, when he was grabbed by the beast as he leaned over the boat to wash or empty a bucket, the Northern Territory News reports.

The family, thought to be the man’s wife, son and daughter-in-law, jumped into a 4×4 car and frantically drove the long drive to the nearest small town, Cooinda, to raise the alarm.

The man’s remains were found inside one of two crocodiles, shot dead by officers in South Alligator River, in the Arnhem Land region of the Northern Territory, on Sunday.

Before we continue with this story, I would like for you to take a look at this video of a crocodile almost 3 times smaller than the one who ate the man in this story.  Watch as the people try to catch it and see how powerful it is!


A specialist search and rescue team are looking for a 62-year-old man who was taken by a crocodile in the Northern Territory


Officials believe the man was taken by a saltwater crocodile about 3pm on Saturday


A Northern Territory Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the family are ‘too distraught’ to give their statements about the attack at the moment.

More family members of the man have flown in from across Australia to comfort them.

The man’s family, who have not been identified, had previously camped in Kakadu.

‘I can only assume they (the family) are devastated,’ a police spokesman said.

‘The water is deep in this billabong…There is always the potential for a crocodile attack.’

The man was on board a boat outside crocodile-management zones patrolled by rangers when the unusual attack happened, sources say.

It is thought the family launched their boat in waters about 90 minutes by road from the Cooinda tourist centre.

Rangers reopened nearby waters for tourists on Saturday after successive patrols found no crocodiles.

Tourists are warned to beware of crocodiles in any part of Kakadu.

Police are searching the remote area in Kakadu National Park after the man’s family witnessed the attack by the croc

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Phil Weeidemier, who runs Barra Tours – a company that organises fishing trips to the South Alligator River, told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I’ve seen plenty of large crocs. You do play Russian roulette with your life up there.

‘I’ve seen big fellas sitting at the back of their boats with their a**** hanging over in just 12 foot tinnies.

‘They take their life into their own hands up there.’

Describing his own frightening encounters with the crocodiles, he added: ‘I’ve been checking a motor on a boat and within seconds the crocs are surrounding you.

‘It’s the ones you don’t see that you should worry about.’

He said that anyone visiting the South Alligator River should think twice about the size of the boat they are going in.

‘If you go with a tour you are pretty safe but if you go on your own boat you need at least a 16ft boat.

‘If you’ve got a few people on anything like a 14ft boat you are asking for trouble.

‘When we catch Barramundi there we swing them over the boat and drag them alongside to get the water back in their gills before letting them go. That is dangerous. There are always several pairs of eyes watching.

‘What this man was doing, I don’t know.’

It is thought the man, his wife, son and daughter-in-law were in a fishing boat outside of crocodile-management zones patrolled by rangers

It is thought the man, his wife, son and daughter-in-law were in a fishing boat outside of crocodile-management zones patrolled by rangers


The attack happened at Kakadu National Park’s (pictured) South Alligator River