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Bleached Blonde Beastie Runs Over Her Man With A Car Because He Broke Up With Her & Has His Leg Amputated! (Video)

by September 18, 2014 24 comments

Beastie Is Back!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


Well, the more things change the more they stay the same!

Today I saw a news report out of the Ratchet capital of the world FLORIDA and saw what was not the first but about the 3rd story about a black woman running over a black man or another black woman over something stupid!  I even did a story before about a black woman who ran over another black woman who was pregnant with her mans kid.  Why are black women this emotional and this violent?

Please watch below

So, here is what we are currently dealing with.  A man is in the hospital because a woman decided that it is her right to have him assaulted and almost killed over her being upset with him.  This woman is upset with this man because this man decided that he wanted to end a relationship with her.

Fellas, you better pay real close attention to the type of dudes who have a problem with my videos or my articles.  Remember, I am going after women who are killing kids and men.  Women who are fighting in public not women who are in college, not women who are at PTA meeting, but women who are literally commtting crimes yet we have a group of men that label this being a Coon and a Sambo oh dont forget a self hater!

And how are women like this able to get S.I.M.P.S. to come and help them do things like this?  Seriously, if you are a dude and you needed your homeboy to help you move, he would make every damn excuse in the book of why he cant help you but whores can ask dudes to do any damn thing and they will find time just for the hope of getting some.  Black men are just straight up soft!

Anyway, the story below is sad on a lot of levels because this man lost his leg and almost his life just trying to move on.  Women get a chance to be upset and do what ever they want to express it and men must sit back and take it. STRANGE INDEED!



Doctors had to amputate a man’s leg after his ex-girlfriend repeatedly ran him over with a car.

Karnesia Lloyd was arrested and charged with attempted murder and child abuse since she had her five-year-old daughter in the car with her at the time of the attack.

Family members of Raynard Pete said he had just left church Sunday afternoon when Lloyd boxed his truck in at the corner of 37th Avenue South and 6th Street South.

Police said two men, Cauiau Smiley and Vinson Williams, got out of Lloyd’s car and started beating Pete, who tried to run away.

Ursula Bryant was walking her dog and watched as Pete fought off Smiley and Williams until Lloyd drove her car right at him.

“The young lady drove directly into him. She put her car in reverse and hit him again. It was almost as if she was parallel parking her vehicle…She didn’t stop until his legs gave out,” Bryant said.

Pete’s legs were pinned between the front of the car and some concrete steps along an abandoned house.

Two doors down, ten-year-old Romerus Sykora was jumping on the trampoline with his brother when he heard the commotion.

“When we came out and saw the people running into the house, I looked over there and there was a man with blood all over the ground,” Sykora said.

Lloyd, Smiley and Williams sped off as neighbors rushed out to check on Pete.

“He didn’t say anything. He just held his hand out to be held,” Bryant said of the moment she tended to Pete.

Sykora’s mom called 911, paramedics arrived and rushed Pete to the hospital.

Doctors had to amputate his left leg, and pins, plates and rods are holding his right one together.

“I don’t know how he’s going to handle it,” his sister, Diedre Seltzer, said. “My concern is him. He needs a lot of care. He’s in critical condition. They left him for dead.”

St. Petersburg Police eventually found Lloyd and the two men at Jordan Park. They were arrested on attempted murder charges.

When questioned by detectives, Lloyd admitted to intentionally running over Pete and did so “because she was angry.”

Family members have not developed a plan for how to tell Pete about his life changing injury.

He will be in surgery several more times before he’s released from the hospital.

Family members are hopeful donations will help to pay for Pete’s recovery and a prosthetic leg.