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Blonde Lacefront Eyebrows Are Now In Fashion For Black Women In ‘The Hair Hat Zone!’ (Video)

Blonde Lacefront Eyebrows Are Now In Fashion For Black Women In ‘The Hair Hat Zone!’ (Video)

by May 30, 2014 6 comments

Lacefront Eyebrows, Really?

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor

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Yet there are niggaz still calling me gay for talking about black women’s infatuation with looking stupid?  Yep, the video below is going to show you not only how right I was about todays North American Black Women but it will also show you how insane the majority of them are.  Oh, and the girl in the video, her name is Haiti!

Do you still think that any man that doesnt like this look is gay?  Do you still think that any man who doesnt like this look hates his mother or himself?  Only a fool would go with this argument as it is obvious that the people who make the argument are certifiable!

The woman in this video is off and so is the gay man who is filming it.  Black women love to call black men gay when they dont agree with them but who do you usually find with black women?  Gay black men!  Who do most black women look like?  Trannies!  Just look at the tats on this woman and the stupid way she talks with the golds in her mouth.  This is the representation of black women today and I get attacked for speaking against it?  Weird!

This chick ended the video by saying that she is “celebrity status” and many black women feel just like that with crazy looking weaves and wigs on their heads.  The sick part of this is that these women will be making 8 dollars an hour, riding the bus to work but still pay money to get this ridiculous hair so they can be “Celebrity Status”!  Black women are the only people on earth who will go broke to look rich!

Be honest.  Am I making too much of this or is this as big as a problem as I make it?  Please leave your honest answer below!

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