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Kobe Bryant Disses The Miami Heat Over Trayvon Martin Support Photo!Says Dont Come To Someones Defense Just Because They Are Black

Kobe Bryant Disses The Miami Heat Over Trayvon Martin Support Photo!Says Dont Come To Someones Defense Just Because They Are Black

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Kobe Bryant Discusses Miami Heat’s Support For Trayvon Martin

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Well, when I first read this I was thinking, nothing to see here lets move on but then my inbox got full of people who were outraged over what Kobe Bryant said. Then I say blogs all over the US popping up saying how wrong he was for his assertion that we should wait til the facts come in before we make a decision!!!

I hope it is sinking in to you how stupid it is for people to have a problem with someone using that as logic because if we did then every trial that had blacks vs white we would surely loose!

If you do have a beef with what Kobe said then please make it one that is rooted in logic and honestly I am getting so tired of hear Jim Brown and those other old black guys talk about what the younger generation isnt doing because its their fault that we are here!  PERIOD!

Kobe shouldn’t have to feel for Trayvon just because he is black but he should have empathy for the parents of Trayvon just because he himself is one and we never know what path our kids can go down and not be able to come back from!  Oh and by the way Kobe, don’t forget all of the white people who willingly sent money to George Zimmerman to help with his bills and defense.  They didnt wait for the justice system to take its course!


In the March 31 issue of the New YorkerKobe Bryant discussed life, race and the inevitable conclusion of his illustrious basketball career with Ben McGrath. Perhaps most shocking is Bryant’s assertion that wide-spread support for Trayvon Martin was premature and he refused to show support for the slain teen simply because he’s African American.

According to Colorlines, when McGrath asked Bryant’s opinion on the Miami Heat’s show of solidarity with Martin in the now iconic “Hoodie” photo, the 35-year-old L.A. Laker said that such a move showed lack of “progress”:

I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”

The profile goes on to quote former NFL running back Jim Brown, who at one point said, “[Kobe] is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country.” Bryant then defended himself on Twitter, writing, “A ‘Global’ African American is an inferior shade to ‘American’ African American?? #hmmm. that doesn’t sound very #Mandela or #DrKing sir.”

Read more at Colorlines.

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