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Brooklyn BT-1000 Put On Latex Gloves, Tells Man “I Dont Want You Anymore” Then Stabs Him To Death! (Video)

Brooklyn BT-1000 Put On Latex Gloves, Tells Man “I Dont Want You Anymore” Then Stabs Him To Death! (Video)

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The BT-1000 Is Real!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

You know what the worst part about this story that you are about to read is?  That people will be more upset with what I said in the report than what was done by this killer!

A Brooklyn woman decided to end her 8 month relationship with a Brooklyn man by putting on latex gloves, picking up a knife, going behind him and stabbing him twice in the neck but not before telling him these chilling words ‘I don’t want you anymore’!

Octavia Elliot, a 31 year old mother had had enough of being with her boyfriend of 8 months, Ramel Patterson, and quickly removed him not only from her life but from the land of the living!

So What is on you guys mind?

Brooklyn woman put on latex gloves, told boyfriend ‘I don’t want you anymore’ before fatally stabbing him in neck


octavia Elliot, the prime suspect in the stabbing death of boyfriend in the hallway of a Brooklyn, NY apartment coplex in the early hours of Sunday has a history of violence, records show. She also struggled with mental illness.
30-year-old Elliot, was previously busted for assault in 2007 for smashing a liquor bottle over a man’s head when they got into an argument while she was rolling a joint, according to police.
The 30-year-old woman with a history of violence stabbed her boyfriend to death at her Brooklyn apartment early Sunday, cops said.
Ramel Patterson, 33, died after he was stabbed in the neck by his girlfriend Octavia Elliot at the Roosevelt Houses in Bedford Stuyvesant, according to police.
“I didn’t think she would kill my son,” said the victim’s sobbing mother, Patricia Scott, who said her son’s girlfriend struggled with mental illness.

Ramel Patterson 1.pngVictim: Cops found a mortally injured Ramel Patterson in the hallway of his apt complex,  early Sunday. He died in hospital a few hours later
Ocatavia Elliot 2.jpg
Octavia Elliott in custody on Sunday in Brooklyn. She has been charged in the stabbing death of her boyfriend

Describing Elliot’s lackadaisical attitude towards her treatment regimen, Scott said: “Sometimes she took her medicine, sometimes she didn’t. He would tell her, ‘You have to take it,’” said Scott.
The 49-year-old grief-stricken mom said she had warned Elliott as recently as Friday to stay on her medication. “I was like, ‘You have to take your medicine. My son is telling you to. He loves you, but he can’t do it.’ She bugs out.”
Officers responding to a 911 call found the mortally wounded man with in a fifth-floor hallway around 3:30 a.m., police said. EMTs rushed the injured man to Kings County Hospital with knife wounds to his neck.

 Patricia Scott, Ramel Patterson's mum said her son's girlfriend had struggled with mental illness.jpg
Grieving mother Patricia Scott, at the scene, said that her son’s girlfriend has struggled with mental illness

Elliott had a history of violence, with 10 arrests in New York City and has struggled with mental illness.
She allegedly stabbed her child’s father three times in the hand, face and back with a screwdriver in 2013 in Brooklyn and was arrested for assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

The knife Octavia Elliott used in stabbing her boyfriend Ramel Patterson was found at the sceneCops discovered a knife at the scene, which the suspect allegedly dropped out of a window

Neighbors heard arguing from the Brooklyn apartment early Sunday and called 911. Elliott tossed the knife she had used in the stabbing out the window, where it was recovered, and was arrested in her apartment when officers arrived, cops said.
A relative who went to check on Patterson found blood trailing from the elevator to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Scott said.
Her son was an always-smiling young man whose red and black Kawasaki motorcycle was his pride and joy, Scott said.
“This was his life,” she said, pointing to the bike.

Crime scene where Octavia Elliott allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Ramel Patterson
Sunday’s deadly stabbing incident took place in the Roosevelt II Houses in Brooklyn, NY early Sunday

“He loved to dance. He loved his motorcycle. He would tell me, ‘Ma I love my motorcycle.’ I told him, ‘You have to make a choice, me or this motorcycle.’ And he would say, ‘Mom, this motorcycle,’” Scott laughed. “He would say, ‘I love you, but my motorcycle comes first.’”
Scott said her son was particularly close to his grandmother, who had also warned Elliott to keep her hands off him.
“My mother looked her in the eyes and said, ‘I’m gonna to tell you something…Whatever you do, don’t hurt my son. Don’t stab my son,’” she said. “If you were fighting, arguing, you can call the cops and have him locked up but you don’t kill my child. I wouldn’t kill anybody’s child.”

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