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Houston Stripper Jhonni Blaze Arrested After Being A Fugitive On The Run In The Shooting Death Of Her Boyfriend! (Video)

Houston Stripper Jhonni Blaze Arrested After Being A Fugitive On The Run In The Shooting Death Of Her Boyfriend! (Video)

by March 14, 2014 12 comments

Jhonni Blaze ‘Fugitive Of Justice’ Busted In Fulton County!

By:  Tommy Sotomayor

This news story was tweeted to me From Its Diva Bish! (@SylviatheDiva)

She reminded me that yes this is the same woman who decided to make a video going off on me and talking trash about me.  This is the same woman who had a miscarriage on stage.  This is the same woman who stalked another womans husband and then stalked that woman on twitter.  This is the same woman who told me that her weave cost more than my rent.  This is the same woman who told me that I am gay & have a small d*ck. (Which means something to black women that you have never met because they love telling strange men that they are either gay or have a small d*ck when you disagree with them)!  This same woman is now locked up behind bars in a case that just like most black women end in a man going to jail or hell.

Remember how she was saying how much she loved her new man?  Remember how she was talking about how they were soul mates?  Remember how she was describing how they met and got engaged?  Remember how I told you that dating women like this usually end up in going to jail or going to hell?  Well, hes in hell and shes in jail!  Whats worse is that she been in there since march 5th and with all of this money she got, she cant get out.. hmmmm

I told yall a long time ago but nope you didn’t listen.  There is no place in the world for the majority of hair hats because all they do is cause trouble.  But think about it, you have to be a troubled individual to walk around with someone elses hair on your head 24 7.  You have to be a troubled individual to have tattoos on your body from head to toe as a woman.  You have to be an out of line woman to  have piercings in your face!  And you have to be troubled to be a stripper and talk about it like you cured cancer.  The majority of black women are either like or can sympathize with this woman!  ATTENTION WHORES!!

I’m Not telling you men what to do, but everyday there are more and more stories of how violent black women are and the violence that surrounds them!  Be Ye Careful fellas!  Black Women.. Date At Your Own Risk!

PS.. Why is she 5 foot tall 157 lbs?  This black women let themselves go fast, and what the f*ck kind of name is Jzapal??

Jzapal Jackson aka Jhonni Blaze Rap Sheet

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned Jhonni Blaze has been arrested, and is locked up in Atlanta. The noted ‘Twerk Queen’ — whose real name is Jzapal Jackson — is said to have been on the run since her 30-year-old boyfriend, Brian Washington, was shot dead just outside of Houston’s NOX nightclub on December 25, 2013.

Jhonni Blaze Exposed

A tipster exclusively tells HSK Jhonni Blaze fled to Atlanta “to avoid being questioned by homicide detectives” — leading a Harris County, TX judge to declare Jackson a “Fugitive From Justice.” According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the 5′ foot, 157-pound stripper was arrested about a week ago on March 5, 2014. She’s being held at the Fulton County Jail, without bond.

Here’s the drop:

“Johnni Blaze has been getting into fights in jail so the CO’s threw her in administrative segregation to avoid writing up paperwork.”