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Beautiful Half-Breed Queen Shows Black Women How To Dance Sexy Without Twerking & Grinding! (Video)

by June 12, 2014 28 comments

More Class & Less A$$

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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First Off, if anyone knows who this woman is, please leave a comment in the section or email me at [email protected] so that I can get her on my radio show!

OK, Now I know that what I am about to say will not sit well with a lot of people but, doesn’t it seem like the majority of half breeds know how to be sexy without being raunchy?  I know what you are going to say and I don’t care, its my website and I can voice my opinion how I want.

I am not exactly sure if this woman is a half breed or not but I know in the video below she is rocking it and looks very sexy doing it.  I would assume she is a half breed for the high hips and extremely light skin.

Oh, And P.S.  Haven’t you also noticed that they seem to have the ability to wear their natural hair more often even if it is as the self haters would call NAPPY?  I find it strange that the best representatives of blackness seem to be those who are the least melanated? IM JUST SAYING… Well enjoy the video!

Seriously, look at how beautiful this woman was and show she rocked it.  Notice how there was no twerking involved or no acts of simulated SEX just dance, grace and form.  It was something that even if a child walked in and saw a normal person wouldnt feel ashamed to let them see.

Did you notice the absence of 1 million tattoos?  Doing something like this takes stamina, agility, coordination and works on your cardio.  That means women who can do this usually have to be in shape and that helps bring down our obesity numbers among blacks or in this case kinda black 🙂

It also did the job of turning me completely on.  I mean everything about her and this video was a turn on but not in the manner of raunchy!  Many woman can take note of this because the men that love to tell you how big your butt is, would leave you in a heart beat over a woman like this because she seems to have more to offer than just a big butt! FEEL ME?  Remember, less is more unless it comes to clothing because at that point, less is just tacky! ~T.S.

one more thing.. change that damn smoke detector battery!!!

Snapshot 3 (6-12-2014 5-48 AM)