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Handsome Half Breed Criminal Jeremy Meeks Speaks Out About His Internet Fame & Why He’s In Prison! (Video)

Handsome Half Breed Criminal Jeremy Meeks Speaks Out About His Internet Fame & Why He’s In Prison! (Video)

by June 20, 2014 34 comments

Stay Hypocritical My Friends!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Females fawn over fruity fellon and now the handsome halfbreed finally speaks out about his new found fame as well as why hes in jail in the first place!<

No two people are created equal and no two crimes committed are equal for that matter so why would this be any different?  After doing my story on Convicted Felon Jeremy Meeks earlier in the day, I was told that I was hating on the man which I dont think I was.  Well ok secretly who wouldnt be jealous that when he post his photos on facebook he get like 12 likes when this man is in jail and gets 112000.  I mean yeah that would do a little damage to the ego but that is not why I did the story.

My reason for doing the story was to show the hypocrissy of not only women, well mostly women, but us as a society as well.  Before I finish though, take a look and listen to what the brother had to say about his new found fame as well as his current situation.

So you heard his side and now you will hear my side revised!  The issue that I have with this is not that people find them attractive because before they were in jail they were regular citizens and if he was hot outside of prison then why would he now not be hot in prison?

The culture we live in now glorifies people who do bad things, this is not new its just more wide spread now that we have the internet but women are being very hypocritical at how they are addressing this.  Some of the women below have even said things like if he breaks into their home they would do XY and Z to him.   Wait, so isnt this giving a man like this the go ahead and rape you?  Think about it, this was Ted Bundys issue.  I am handsome and even though you say no, I know you want it so lay down and take it is the mindset of a lot of men and women like the ones commenting on Jeremy’s photos are emboldening them to feel that way.

Its one thing to have a crush but ladies cant run around big upping men like this and not expecting men to think this is what they are seeking.  The man is also a fan of prison from what his jail record shows so how do we make this part ok?

Black women have lusted after jail birds for so long that rappers are openly going off on other rappers for not going to jail.  Our women have the biggest jail bird fetish out of all women and its causing this culture that we live in.

Then women claim men are shallow and they go for looks over substance but wait, doesnt this story prove what I said about no one is more shallow than women because if you look at this, there are no viral photos of some jail bird woman who men cant get enough of.  So who is more shallow here?

We haev a long way to go as people and this mans story just exposes it.  Below you will see more photos of more criminals and the main thing it shows is that across the board black men and black women have a thing for non black people because not one of the crush photos are of dark skinned black people.  This is where we have to start looking at ourselves first!

Oh and dont forget, women love to say they dont like downlow men, but from his photos and love of going to prison, are you really going to tell me that this man is 100% heterosexual?  Im just sayin!  You have women giving this man their child support check, letting men like him live in their house with their kids rent free yet giving their kids father hell!.. ITs not right

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Andy Warhol sure wasn’t kidding when he said that in the future, everyone will get their 15 minutes of fame, because even felons are going viral and getting fans from mugshots.

Yesterday Stockton, Calif. police posted a photo of 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks on their Facebook page, a baby blue-eyed felon with supermodel cheekbones who was arrested by the Gang Task Force and Gang Suppression Unit on felony weapons charges.

As soon as Jeremy’s mugshot hit the Internet the ladies went crazy, ignoring the fact that this dude was reportedly found with a gun at the time of his arrest. As of right now his photo has over 64,000 likes and 18,000 comments, mostly with women who are looking for a little thug love.

Nessa Alvarado: Sexy and dangerous. ..can make any woman go crazy.

Anna-Marie Tatler: Mmmm he sexy. I normally go for bad boys. Lol all though I am changing on that. Lol still cute tho x

Jamie O’Neil: oh the possibilities…so much potential here. You can always send him to my house to get rehabilitated :0~

Evelyn Torres: Wow….. He is handsome…. He should be a model….. He just perfect….. Eyes, lips …. Ummmm just like the doctor prescribed …. Hugs& kisses for him …

Stockton news station KXTV caught up with Jeremy in jail, and he said his wife came by to visit him letting him know that he’s now Internet famous and lusted after by women all over the world. In addition to the charges Jeremy currently faces, he’s already spent nine years in prison for grand theft but he wants people to know that he’s not really a bad guy.

I just visited my wife and she said that I blew up all over Facebook.[…]I appreciate that but I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin.

When he was asked about the teardrop tattoo on his face (which normally signifies that the person has killed someone), he responded that he has done some things in the past that he is not proud of.  Now knowing this ladies, do you still want to be in #FuckAFelonFriday?  Below is a photo of the man and is wife, which also isnt keeping women from trying to get at this man.  So another strike against what women claim they want because in this instance they are trying to turn the man into a cheater!



O_0 ???

And of course Jeremy got the Photoshop treatment…just in case you are wondering what he would look like as a model.

Today, in honor of Jeremy’s mugshot, #FelonCrushFriday became a top trending topic on Twitter with users sharing photos of cute mugshots.


Here are some more photos of criminals online that you black people are saying that are too damn sexy and beautiful to be in jail and that if you had the opportunity to get at them.. you would jump for it! They call it #FelonCrushFriday

And this is the death of the family unit!