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Father Beats The Hell Out Of His Daughter While Mom Encourages It & Video Tapes It! Good Parenting Or Child Abuse? (Video)

Father Beats The Hell Out Of His Daughter While Mom Encourages It & Video Tapes It! Good Parenting Or Child Abuse? (Video)

by March 16, 2014 3 comments

The Making Of The Black Terminatrix!

By:  Tommy Sotomayor (Via SotomayorTv5 Channel)

The Black Terminatrix is not born, she is MADE!  This woman did not appear out of the sky bitter, loud, violent and damn near uncontrollable.  The Black Terminatrix is forged in homes where often times she is raped and or molested!  Where she is yelled at and or belittled!  And she is usually under constant physical as welll as emotional distress from the people normal people would assume were there to protect and nourish her!

I would not trade anything to live the life of the normal young black female.  Black young females have it harder than anyone else in the world because they are constantly being told that they are not good enough, they are constantly being over sexualized and under appreciated and they are usually being born to women who the older the child gets the more jealous of the child the adult becomes!  Please watch this video below and tell me how you feel about what you see and hear!

Did you notice how there was not only one but at least two women who were right there encouraging this man to brutally beat this young girl as if she was a stranger?  I mean seriously I wouldnt even beat someone like this that I never knew muchless my own flesh and blood!

The mother kept saying beat that ho and calling her all types of b*tches while the father was pulling her by that honey blonde weave that no doubt her mom said was OK for her to put in her hair.  As a matter of fact, I can assure you that the mom encouraged her to do so.  Also, why is the mom so quick to not only call her out of her name but put it up on the internet to make a fool out of her?

Have you noticed that these mothers are clowning their daughters on line a whole lot?  Why do you think that is?

As I have said on several occasions, the black woman is usually in competiton with her daughters and will do anything including sleep with their daughters men or spend years beating them down mentally & physically to make them feel like crap!  I have seen women allow their boyfriends to molest their daughters and then blame the daughter for what happened!

There were many people saying that this was justified because the girl stayed out for 3 days! This beating of our children is whats wrong with black people because at young ages we teach them not only violence but violence against the people who are closest to them and thats why black on black crime is so high and not even boycotted or protested against!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

PS… Stop saying that crap about what would I do if my child was gone for 3 days because I have seen kids get beaten like this over not doing chores or just talking back so cut the crap!


Ricquel York-Darling · Friends with Ty James
That is his neice. I know him and it was so stupid for them to even post it. She did deserve the ass whippin.
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And for all of you people yelling what you got back in the day.. please remember this… back in the day we didnt have the right to vote.. back in the day we didnt have cell phones and flat screens, back in the day we were slaves.. come on guys quit saying back in the day like that sh*t is the end all cure all!

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