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A Good Black Man Gets Murdered In His Own House Protecting A Black Beast From Her Thug Boyfriend! (Video)

A Good Black Man Gets Murdered In His Own House Protecting A Black Beast From Her Thug Boyfriend! (Video)

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Same As It Ever Was!

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So I ask the question “who is still f*cking black women”?  This is a story of how savage black men can kill each other over the lowest class of woman on earth!  This is a story which should explain why no one wants blacks in their neighborhood, in their malls, in their stores, anywhere in large groups.   I am a black person that will do my best to stear clear of blacks.  Its gotten so bad that I dont go to clubs.  When I do go somewhere, its at bars where yes there are blacks but its never late, its on the upscale side of town and I keep eye contact with everyone.

Please watch this video below showing how a black man was murdered doing nothing more than trying to help a black woman in distress but then what normally happens when black men do this? Fellas If you value your life, get a non black wife!

Did you hear hot the kids were crying in the background as the interview was being conducted?  Did you see how the white news media was able to make the black woman act a straight up fool for the camera?   Did you see how everyone had on a hair hat? Did you see how hood the place this young man lost his life was?  Do you see how stupid the american black man has become in his pursuit of the worlds worst piece of p*ssy?

Seriously, I am not even being funny.  No other group of people on earth thinks that being with a black woman is worth dying over yet every day these low rent black men go after the only prize they think that they can get.  I was a victim of it at a young age and I nearly screwed up my life dealing with black women.  I ruined my health, my wealth as well as my sense of self.  Even the black women that I thought were worth a damn, I am slowly realizing that I made a mistake on them too.

The young man in this story never had a chance because when you are born to a single mom who has no morals or common sense then you seek women like that.  Why do you think black women always play the “yo momma black” card?  Because what they are really saying is that chances are your mother wasnt sh*t and so how dare you have higher standards than the so called queen who raised you?  If your mother was able to still get babies by new dudes then how dare you deny me that right to have you be my next baby daddy??

I promise you, if you ever catch me in a relationship with another black woman there will be several things about her that will have to hold true.  At this point, I have no interest in them at all past a friendship and even that is sketchy!  Call me a self hater, call me a coon but I can promise you this, once I clean up the messes that I got into dealing with black women in my younger days, I will never ever find myself going back!  God blessed me with my trip out to California and let me see how a peaceful non drama filled life is and I would have been a fool to return to it!  I was lucky that I didn’t lose my life, this brother was not so lucky… BLACK MAN, IF U ARE WORTH A DAMN, STOP DATING BLACK WOMEN UNTIL THEY START CALLING OUT THEIR UNDER ACHEIVING SISTERS!

When I was a child I liked playing in the dirt, not anymore!  I don’t date black women because I knew my life depended on it.  So when I got the chance to leave, I never looked back!

UPDATE: Fiancee says man slain in South Dallas shooting had intervened in couple’s fight

Snapshot 4 (3-20-2014 11-04 PM)

At least one bullet came into the room of the victim’s 2-year-old son, but the toddler escaped injury. (John Lugo/Staff)

Updated at 10 a.m. by staff writer John Lugo:

A good Samaritan was shot and killed in his South Dallas home early Thursday after he tried to stop a domestic dispute on his front lawn.

The victim’s fiancee said the couple who was fighting later returned with friends and shot up their car and house, killing 27-year-old Rubin Brown while his fiancee hid their 2-year-old son under a bed.

“He didn’t deserve this,” Quenetha Bell said. “He took care of this household. He took care of his kids. He provided.”

Police were first called to the scene late Wednesday after the initial domestic dispute, Bell said, but they left before the shooting started. The couple pulled up in front of Brown and Bell’s house, and at some point the man slammed the woman onto a car parked in the driveway.


Bell said the woman pleaded for help, so she, her brother and Brown asked the man to leave. They told the woman she could stay, but the man put her back in the car.

At some point, Bell said, her brother punched the man in an attempt to stop him from driving away. That angered the woman who was beaten, and she said they’d be back to settle things.

Police arrived shortly afterward, and Bell told them of a camera across the street that may have recorded the fight.

After police left, Bell said, the couple returned to the house about 1:30 a.m. with two other passengers and began shooting at the house and car. Shots hit their living room and 2-year-old son’s room as Bell hid the boy under a bed.

Brown was struck by the shots that pierced the living room wall. The toddler avoided injury, as did a second who was in another bedroom.

Police have yet to make an arrest in the case, and a detailed description of the suspects was not available.

Original entry (posted at 6:45 a.m.):

A Dallas man was shot and killed early this morning at a home near S.M. Wright Freeway.

The shooting was reported shortly after 1:30 a.m. in the 4300 block of Crozier Street, where more than a dozen shots were fired into a house and car outside.

The victim, identified as 27-year-old Rubin Brown, was taken to Baylor University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, authorities said.

The shooting remains under investigation, and a motive remains unclear.