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Fox News Perv Accidentally Broadcast His Ding A Ling Photo On Live TV! You Gotta See This (Video)

Fox News Perv Accidentally Broadcast His Ding A Ling Photo On Live TV! You Gotta See This (Video)

by March 18, 2014 0 comments

My Ding A Ling!

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So Whitey Mc White Dude, how do you explain this behavior?  I mean, conservatives like to be the morality police so why was mr concervative looking at Richard’s all early in the morning?

Huh buddy?  Come on, explain this sir!!!

Why did good white Christian Families have to be exposed to your Richard Fetish while having family breakfast?  Where is the outrage like there was over Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake?

In all honesty though, the look on the peoples faces after it happened was priceless.  I mean dude tried his best to play it off and I feel bad for him because If it was my computer, I would have had some suspect sh*t pop up as well.  Hell people who have watched my news cast has seen my tabs open and aint nothing better in this world to me than free flix on line!  But it wouldnt be no photo of the Ding Dongs buddy.  Nope, dont have those!

Now I cant knock the man for what he like, hey its a free world, but maybe just maybe these conservatives will stop trying to be the moral police and finally admit that everyone has a little freak in them and it only matters if you being a freak is harming an innocent party! LIVE AND LET LIVE PEOPLE!


Fox affiliate accidentally broadcasts Ding Dong Pic

On Tuesday morning, Fox’s KDVR in Denver attempted to show photos of a helicopter crash in Seattle. But instead, they showed a photo of a ding dong popping out of someone’s jeans, possibly while mid-helicopter. Watch below (NSFW, obviously, because there’s a dick pic in it, and also because it’s depressing as hell that modern news has devolved into a group of dum dums sitting around scrolling through photos they found on Twitter).

This is shocking, because nobody in the world has ever seen a Richard before. Life as we know it will never be the same!  I was being funny before but guys please dont try to act like this is going to ruin your life or something.  Lets not call for a ban on ding a lings across this great land of ours…lol

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