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Florida Teen Destroys Local McDonalds & Attacks Workers While Hair-Hatted Beastie Cheers Him On! (Video)

Florida Teen Destroys Local McDonalds & Attacks Workers While Hair-Hatted Beastie Cheers Him On! (Video)

by July 10, 2014 54 comments

Dear White People, I Feel You!!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


Dear white people, I feel you!  I feel why you lock your doors when you see a black person walk by you.  I feel you why you walk on the other side of the streets when one of these pants sagging S.I.M.P.s walks your way.  I understand why you think that for the most part the blacks you see are ignorant because for the most part you would be right.

Now the next thing people are going to say is how big of a sell out I am and thats cool because I dont mind selling out my stock in this piece of sh*t black community!

I was sent a video of a black dude beating up a Mcdonalds employee and destorying the Mcdonalds for no reason it appears.  Watch!!!

Now as you saw, these lil niggas explain why when one of them ends up shot dead that no one cares!  The main people who dont care are the women who have them.  See, the reason I say dear white people is because the white man is the one that created the beast that you see today.

Combined with the bad economics and the fathers being taken out of the home, what you have left are these young men and young women who only have a lust for D.N.A.  D*ck N Attention!  Did you see how not one soul called the police?  Nope not one!

If you notice the black woman was the main one cheering this crap on and telling the man that he is about that instead of saying that if you dont leave then we are going to leave you up here.  The dude that worked there could have and should have just stayed in the back or thrown some hot a$$ cooking grease on him honestly but he kept messing with the idiot.


The black woman who you see in the video is the young mother of a child.  Her name is Shawn Aristide of Ft Lauderdale Fla and no matter what she had at home, somehow she was willing to risk it for world star hip hop fame.  The fact that the boy or man who was with her was just as excited as she was to get this footage to world star no matter who got hurt or killed in the process. The woman says how she hopes he gets away with it but what type of woman says this?

The black race is lost and its lost because you have idiots like these people who have been raised without fathers.  The role of the father means a whole lot but these bastard sons and daughters of single moms have been brainwashed to believe that fathers mean nothing and that black men are only here for amusment!

This young boy was literally throwing his life away and the black woman was encouraging it so do you really wonder why I call them the terminatrix?  A woman of any other race or hell even skin compexion would more or less probably ask you to stop or cry or scream like the white woman did with Rayon McIntosh but not the so called queen.  She feels like its her job to push the men to do more damage.

I can bet you that the dude who has the baby with this black female will one day look back and what I said in this video and say, I should have listened.  This type of female will be the cause of someones death because as Grandma Said, when a black woman is a around black men, one usually ends up in jail and one usually ends up in HELL!

There is nothing attractive about these people but for all of the white people who watch this and agree please remember, YOU CREATED THIS!

Oh, & PS, this idiot b*tch claimed that she wanted him to get away yet turns around and post it on facebook and hopes it got to worldstar so that the young mans face and name could be there and for police it would be an open and shut case.  But can you riddle me this?  You have another black man destroying a place where black people work but do you think this would have happened at an all white Mcdonalds?  HELL TO THE NO!