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Rapper Fetty Wap Has 5 Baby Mommas Over The Past 2 Years & Pays 100k A Month For 6 Kids Total! (Video)

Rapper Fetty Wap Has 5 Baby Mommas Over The Past 2 Years & Pays 100k A Month For 6 Kids Total! (Video)

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By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Meet Fetty Wap’s Six Baby Mamma’s – The Homie’s Had Five Babies In The Past 2 Years Alone! (Plus His Child Support Payments)

So, hearing about Fetty Wap having kids and baby mamas doesn’t turn your head but, did you ever actually do a head count? According to MTO’s calculations, Fetty Wap has quite a growing list of, shall we say, non-traditional family expansion!

Fetty Wap allegedly has 6 baby mamas… That’s A LOT. We’ll show you the lineup shared on MTO  and you tell us if you think this is a little excessive…

Of his six children, do you know how many kids Fetty Wap has brought into this world in the last 2 years? Click Next to find out!

5 of Fetty Wap’s 6 kids were born in the last 2 years since his rapid rise in popularity and fame. Guess there’s just something about Fetty Wap that keeps the ladies coming back and lining up!

So, considering his line of work and the number of children he has, how much do you suppose he pays in child support? We’ll reveal the numbers and breakout the mamas for you –

So, here’s the first Baby Mama who, as it turns out, was involved with Fetty Wap BEFORE he got so famous. The two had a son together and, according to her IG page, they appear to stay on good terms.

Reese compliments Fetty Wap for his parenting skills, so, it sounds like he maintains responsibility for his babies regardless of his career path. Let’s add the next baby mama to the line up – click next to remember Lezhae Zeona.

Fetty Wap’s second baby mama gave birth to his first daughter… but, apparently, these two are not at all on good terms. A video was leaked online of Zeona having a threatening argument with Fetty Wap in which she’s holding a knife!

There were rumors for a while that Fetty Wap would be arrested for threating to “f*** her up,” but, this never came to pass. Next in the line up is Masika Kalysha who is the mirror opposite of Zeona!

Kalysha used to be on “Love & Hip Hop” and kept her pregnancy to herself for nearly half a year. That relationship was in question for a little while – Fetty Wap even accused her of lying and just coming after his money.

Turned out she was telling the truth and Fetty Wap participates in family gatherings in matters of their child. Now, according to MTO, these are the mothers everyone already knows about. MTO believes they have the inside scoop on two secret baby mamas! Take a look and Click Next!


According to MTO, no one is sure who the 4th baby mama is, but, this photo allegedly features his daughter with her named Lauren. Where do you suppose MTO found this information? Do you think it’s true?

The last baby mama is suspected to be Alexis Skyy from Love & Hip Hop… as in, she might be pregnant with his sixth child as you’re reading this article! The two have been on-again, off-again, for quite some time, so, perhaps it was inevitable she would join the lineup! What do you think?

For all these babies he has brought into the world, Fetty Wap allegedly pays over $100K a month in child support. Per. Month. Can you even imagine what that much money looks like?

The bottom line here is, is he staying involved in the lives of his kids? Do you think it’s possible at this volume? Do you think he really has two other secret children?