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Why Do Black Queens Feel That They Must Degrade Themselves Just For Attention, No Matter If Its Good Or Bad? (Video)

Why Do Black Queens Feel That They Must Degrade Themselves Just For Attention, No Matter If Its Good Or Bad? (Video)

by April 24, 2017 12 comments

Anything For DNA!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

At this point it appears that the american black woman is up for anything as long as she can get some DNA… You know D*ck and Attention!

Several black women sent me this video of a woman who is the size of 4 women deciding to bare everything for the camera for 0 money at all!

Now mind you, money isn’t everything and just because a person isn’t a size 3 doesn’t mean she cant be considered beautiful but damn it man this right here is crass for a whole lot of reasons!
















Now everyone knows that I am not into big women but then again, big women may not be into me so why should they care?

Well maybe they should care that obesity is the number 1 killer of black women?  Maybe they should care when they walk anywhere they run out of breath!

Maybe just maybe black women will start to realize that people are laughing at them and not with them!

The average black woman has a large amount of self esteem as long as they have one thing… A hair hat!  Ever notice how these women will go outside looking like this woman who is shaped like a sack of laundry but they will not go outside without their long tacky yakki weave on top of their God given natural black hair?

These women will put anything on their heads other than wearing their natural hair as I had a photo of a black woman walking around with a pair of draws on top of her head!  This photo doesn’t show confidence as people have been running around saying but it actually shows the opposite and it mainly shows desperation!  It also shows laziness and the inability to think long term!

Like Sara Bartman, this black woman is a side show for people to look at, marvel at and lastly ridicule!  She may find herself on Ghetto Gaggers or some other nasty site like that but the one place that she will never find her photo on is a respectable website that truly cares for her long term well being!

Until black women decide that their are more than make up and weave, until black women decide that they have more to offer the world then their nakedness, then they will continue to lead the world in every negative category while being last in almost every positive one!

What are your thoughts?

~Tommy Sotomayor