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Rapper Eminem Drops Mothers Day Song Apologizing To His Mother! (Video)

Rapper Eminem Drops Mothers Day Song Apologizing To His Mother! (Video)

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Its Never Too Late To Make Amends

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor

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No matter what album, no matter what song, the controversial Rapper Eminem could normally be heard screaming and yelling some barb directed at his childs mom Kim and his own Mom Debbie.  Most of the harshest things were directed toward the former than the latter but when they came, they were venom that seemed to come from the depths of his soul.

Well, I know the feeling because 7 years ago, when I started my radio show, I would talk about things that went on in my house with my mom and they didnt sit well with her but here we are 7 years later closer than we have ever been.  I hope this happens with Marshall & his mom because there is no reason for any of us to carry around hurt and pain for the rest of our lives when the road is so much easier when we just it go.  Watch his video below which was directed by spike lee.,. (I WILL BE DOING A SPECIAL MOTHERSDAY SHOW TONIGHT AT 9PM EST CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE)

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For years, Eminem’s strained relationship with his mother, Debbie Mathers, has been fodder for his albums and music videos (remember “Cleaning Out My Closet?”).

Fittingly, he dropped his Spike Lee-directed music video “Headlights,” shot on location in his native Detroit, on Mother’s Day. Choice lyric: “Cause, now I know it’s not your fault and I’m not making jokes / That song I’ll no longer play at shows and I cringe every time it’s on the radio.”

I am very curious to know how he was able to look back and see her headlights as she drove the opposite direction from him.  Seems like the name of the song would be called tailslights but no matter mathers it was an OK song but then again I stopped being an EM fan a long time ago especially when BET voted him the greatest rapper of all time!

A lot of people are saying that he has spent years trashing this woman and making money off of it so yeah its easy for him to say sorry but what does she get from me?  I say that its not trashing if he was telling the truth.  Sometimes even when we tell the truth we regret how it may have made the person feel.  I have been in that position where I regretted doing something even though it was true and right at the time.  There is nothing wrong with apologizing at all because remember guys, this had gotten so heated that his mom took him to court and sued him for slander so for them to try and fix it shows that no matter who we have beef or a gripe with, maybe it can be fixed as well.

The lyrics in this song for as heart felt as they were seemed to do the whole theme now of “blame your father, he gets no reprise becase as a man, he must go through hell and high water to see you but mom can be forgiven for things that she said directly to you.

That is the part and the direction of the song that bothered me most but in the end, its the repairing of a broken relationship that has me happiest.  No matter who the relationship is with, try your best to repair it.  Anger usually destroys you more than the person you are angry at.  Happy mothers day SotoNation!

1.  Could you forgive your son for doing what Em did?

2.  Do you think its wrong for people to air their dirtly laundry against a family member espeically their mom if its true?

3.  What are situations that you think can never be forgiven no matter the apology?


Call your mom.

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