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D-Wade Looking Extra Fruity Following The Win Over The Brooklyn Nets! Rate This Outfit.

D-Wade Looking Extra Fruity Following The Win Over The Brooklyn Nets! Rate This Outfit.

by May 16, 2014 3 comments


By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor



Come on yall sing it with me…

‘Extra fruity for that extra long haul

Extra fruity caust they want ta get in draws

Cause these niggaz extra, they claim its just flavor

But they extra extra extra straight gay!’


OK, I am not the fashion bug I will give you that, but after the Miami Heat wrapped up their series against the Brooklyn Nets to reach the eastern conference finals, why in the hell was Dwyane Wade spotted wearing this?  Seriously why?

They first gave you Jason Collins, then Micheal Sams, now this huh?  The effeminate black male is in now?

I dont have a problem with anyones sexuality but why is it that they only pro gay players are black, the only men who walk around in damn capri pants are black men, the only men kissin white men in the mouth and eating cake are black men.  What is up with that?

Do you guys not see that there is a concerted effort to make the black man look as gay as possible?  The one thing that the black man publically always had was his masculinity. Now matter what you took away from him, you could never take that away but the NBA said no more thug wear and I welcomed it, but what its been replaced with is Extra Fruity wear?  Come on people, stop the madness.

First off this nigga is too dayum tall to be wearing what he wearing, second off its too damn short and 3rd off it appears its too dayum tight.. I could be wrong

Maybe I am wrong and maybe this is a good look for D-wade but Im just not feeling the NBA clothing trend.  What are your thoughts?



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