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Niggly Bear Blames Baby Crying During Hurricane For Why He Beat His 6 Month Old To Death! #iShitUNot (Video)

Niggly Bear Blames Baby Crying During Hurricane For Why He Beat His 6 Month Old To Death! #iShitUNot (Video)

by September 28, 2017 0 comments

Does He Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

I would actually like to say that yes he does since the women seem to get away with this excuse when they kill their kids right?

A 22 year old Orlando man by the name of Dekari Castell has been charged with 1st degree murder of his own 6 month old child by beating her to death with his hands because he was frustrated.

The man claims that the child refused to stop crying and he just couldn’t take it any more with the stress of dealing with the hurricane and having no power in the home!

This story is sad but it happens a lot around the country so why is this man being charged with 1st degree murder when its clear that he acted in the heat of the moment right?  I mean sh*t, everyone should be able to understand where this mans head was at this moment and should be able to understand that he just snapped right?

I man Andrea Yates drowned all 5 of her kids and they let her go so why not this man?

When men abuse or kill a child or a woman, the case never gets to trying to figure out what was going on in his head, it goes straight to, HES GUILTY, and we need to put him away for life and thats what seems to be happening here.

No one has come forward to let you know how good of a father he is or that you cant blame him for the stress that he had been under as a single father having everything taken from you as hurricane Irma did this man!  Nope, its how could he do this and when can we put him to death!

Dekari Castell, 22, admitted to hitting his daughter twice in the head with an open hand on Sept. 13, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The girl, named Kali, was taken to the hospital and died on Sept. 14.

Castell told police he was “highly stressed” after being without power during Hurricane Irma and that his daughter would not stop crying. He initially told officers he dropped Kali on accident before admitting to fatally hitting her.

In 2016, Castell was investigated following accusations that he broke his 4-week-old son’s femur.

Additional charges could be filed, police say.