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Dekalb County Sheriffs Department Police Terrify Family Or Did They Baited By This Family?

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Here Is My Take On This Situation

Published on Jul 30, 2013
At around 1:30am my family and I were awaken by the sound of loud and aggressive banging at our front door. The Aggressive nature of the banging frightened us so I walked into the guest room that looks over the front of our house and was shocked when I saw 3 large Dekalb County Sheriff SUV’s with large flood lights pointed at our house and windows.

when i walked back into the hallway the person that was banging at the door started yelling “i saw yo’ ass open the door!” i responded “what is this about? why are you here?” the person then responded “I’m not telling you shit, what you think this is?” so at this point my brother woke up as well my mother. we all are petrified at the aggression coming from the sheriffs outside our door. We continue asking why they are here and they continue to refuse to tell us only occasionally saying “open the mother fucking door nigga”

I call the police and tell the operator what is going on, and that I do not feel safe opening the door because they will not tell me why they are here and they are behaving extremely aggressive.

I specifically ask the operator if she would send the police captain to the scene to ensure that we would not be harmed when we open the door, she said ok.

I waited about another 20-25 minutes for police to show up. No police ever showed up.

My brother, mother and myself all went to the door and let the sheriffs know that we were going to open the door and come out.
My mother opens the door and steps out and says “I’m a Christian woman don’t hurt my family” she was immediately hand cuffed.

The remainder of the sheriffs then entered my house and attacked me and my brother. One of the sheriffs drew a weapon and struck me with it on the head.

As I am laying facedown on the floor I am repeatedly kicked in the head and back and one of the sheriffs stood on my head with both feet.

The other sheriffs at this point are attacking my brother and threatening to Taser him if he says anything else.

It this point both myself and my brother are both pleading with the sheriffs to stop and asking why are we being handcuffed.

The sheriffs that entered my house entered illegally, I found out after they left from a family friend that they were here on an arrest warrant for my mother.

If that is the reason they were here, once they arrested my mother when she was outside, they had no reason to enter my home.

They did not have a search warrant.

The events took place on the first level of my home.

Sheriffs illegally searched my entire house and removed items from my mothers purse which are now missing including $48.

the sheriffs also verbally berated myself and my brother calling us “big mother fuckers, dumb asses, retarded niggers”

and verbally threatened us saying “i wish i could cane y’all asses”

When Sargent Magee was asked by a family friend why this happened he responded “we did this because they made a scene filming us.”

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