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Deelishis Or Disgusting? Former Flavor Of Love Star & Mother Of 2 Deelishis Dating A Teen She Took TO Prom!? (Video)

Deelishis Or Disgusting? Former Flavor Of Love Star & Mother Of 2 Deelishis Dating A Teen She Took TO Prom!? (Video)

by June 12, 2014 90 comments


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All the townspeople! Y’all better gather ’round and come get this TEA. Former Reality Star (Flavor Of Love) and Model Deelishis is robbing the CRADLE. See, the other day she posted a picture of her attending a High School Prom with a young man. We thought it was innocent, but the #ROOMMATES don’t play chileee! They dug a grave in that yard and found out that Ms. Deelishis is actually dating this young man and has been dating him since he was a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. According to our calculations, Ms. thang has been dating this man for over 59 weeks (photographic evidence) and that would place their relationship to 15 months ago (ON RECORD) meaning the boy had to be either 16 or 17 years old when they started dating! We have had a lot of people doubting us but we will let the evidence speak for itself. Check out this pic of him in her bedroom…THE MORNING AFTER PROM! Look at how the background is the same!


This young man has pictures of her child in his house, and on many different occasions. He was there with her in the hospital when she was sick. She has visited him at work numerous times, and they have gone on numerous outings. Their daughters have played together, and the time stamp on the pictures shows that they were hanging out weekly. There is even proof that they spent two days together back to back! She wrote under his picture that she loved him, and even wrote a jealous rant when he posted a pic with another girl. Now Ms. Deelishis claims he’s just a fan she went to Prom with as a nice gesture. However, how is your fan getting to spend time with you on a weekly basis? What is wrong with these grown ass adults robbing the cradle? As bad as Deelishis is, there are 100 men who would hit that and stick with it! The worst part is, HE AIN’T GOT NO MONEY! She is an outright fool. Where is his mama at?

I suppose after her divorce with her hubby Orlando in 2012 she decided to pick her men from the

The boy has pictures with her daughter on numerous occasions!
In the pic above his daughter and Deelishis’ daughter are playing together in the hallway. Notice his caption.
Here he is again with her daughter on a different day.
Holding her daughter at his house. What kind of fan do you visit at their home?
And This is just inappropriate as hell for anyone to do with a fan much less a teen fan
This is a screenshot of a video they took while on a date!
In this screen shot, he posted a picture of himself and another woman. Deelishis got jealous and commented under it. Then he responded asking her why she was meeting men at the airport. Sounds like a couple to us.
He went out to dinner with deelishis!
This behavior from this woman is disgusting.  As I told you guys, black women do the most when it comes to ruining lil boys lives.  Situations like this are the reasons that so many of these young boys have STDs because they are being exposed to these old whores. As I said, its not down low men spreading STDs its UPFRONT WHORES! Now the thing is, she claims now that it was all innocent and just one huge misunderstanding but this is just a disgusting display of behavior at best and down right criminal at worst!

Everything about this is disgusting and to make it worse, if it was some man going out with some young girl like this, no one would think it makes sense.  Now one would cheer the girl on, well no one outside of our community and no one would find humor in this.

Dwight Howard was getting ran through the jungle for 2 photos none of which rivaled any of the ones done but this woman and this boy yet e was called all types of pedophiles so how is this woman escaping a watchful eye?  Where are his parents? Where the hell is the Police?

We can only speculate what happened between them as Deelishis says they were just friends but why listen to something that honestly makes no damn sense? Here she is below speaking on her new love

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