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Red Neck White Police Officer Snaps Black Students Arm In Half On Purpose! Graphic Video Footage! (Video)

Red Neck White Police Officer Snaps Black Students Arm In Half On Purpose! Graphic Video Footage! (Video)

by March 20, 2014 2 comments

Is This Racist?

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

In Texas a redneck looking white cop seemingly breaks the arm of an unarmed black teen on purpose, Is this a racist incident?  See this is what is being asked around the country today as people are going nuts over the video I am about to show you below!

As you can see, I am actually not one of the people who believe that this incident should cause any outrage at all.  As a matter of fact the only thing that the parents should be outraged about is that their son was not only fighting on school campus but their soon was resisting arrest and attempting to assault law officers which in the process caused him to be injured by the cops but possibly killed!

Is it me or does it seem like incidents like Oscar Grant or even Trayvon Martin has taught the black youth nothing about how to deal with white police officers?  It seems as thought many of us just have some type of death wish to where we will be in the wrong, act a fool, fight the police or authority figure and then expect them to not react in an unkind way.

As for the fat cop, hell yes he did this on purpose and I bet if given the chance, he would do it again because thats what rednecks do, but why was he there in the first place?  Was he at a Mensa meeting of black members and they were having tea when he busted up in there to bust black heads?  Was he beating up on all the black students that he saw as soon as he showed up on the scene?  Do any other black students feel like they were violated themselves before or after the cop broke the young mans arm?  NO… well how can we say that this cop showed up to this scene with bad intentions when the only thing we know for sure is that he was called because the people already there were being violent and breaking the law.

Can we also say that once he assaulted the female cop that anything that needed to be done to stop him from getting away would be expected?  I mean both had adrenaline which is why the boy refused to stop so why not give the cop the same pass?  I have no love for cops but I do have respect for the rule of law, and I will only defend the law abiding blacks who are violated not the idiots who PLAY STUPID GAMES THEN WIN STUPID PRIZES!  NOW TAKE YOUR PRIZE YOUNG MAN AND BE GLAD IT WASN’T DEATH!

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An incident at a Texas high school is under investigation after a cellphone video appears to show the moment when a student’s arm was broken after he was brought to the ground by police during a fight. And the audio is as much a part of the story as the video.

The video picks up with the fight already in progress.

Image source: YouTube

Two officers wrestled the male student onto the ground, one of them bringing the student’s arm behind his back. At one point, you can hear the sound of what might be a breaking bone and the student crying out in pain a second later.

“My arm broke,” the young man said in between screams.

parent of the student from West Brook High School told KBMT-TV the fight broke out on March 7 after students were released for spring break. The parent, who remained unnamed in the report, filed a complaint with the Beaumont Independent School District and alleging that the video shows the officer breaking her son’s arm.

“The district is reviewing the complaint,” BISD spokesperson Nakisha Myles told KBMT.

Some on Reddit defended the cop saying they think if the arm was broken that it “was an honest mistake.”

“I don’t think it was deliberate,” the Redditor going by the name I_suck_at_mostthings wrote. “First, let’s remember that every person involved in that situation probably had a huge rush of adrenaline. This is obvious for both the officers and the guy being arrested. With that amount of resistance, and even trying to resist once the officer grabs hold of his arm, I think what happened is the guy finally decided ‘Okay, I’ll stop now and let him take my arm’ but unfortunately the officer was still putting as much force as possible into trying to get the arm to cooperate.”Image source: YouTube

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