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The Worst Dayum Weave Job In The History Of Hair Hats! The Coon Skin Cap Worn By A Black Queen! (Video)

The Worst Dayum Weave Job In The History Of Hair Hats! The Coon Skin Cap Worn By A Black Queen! (Video)

by June 2, 2014 7 comments

Davey Dave-ey Crockett!

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


OMG, Ok So I woke up this morning and before doing anything, something told me to check my tweeter for some tweets! 🙂  And one of the first tweets that I came across was this tweet from Trap King Nigel!  What I saw on that tweet will still haunt me til the day I die.

This tweet inspired Tom Sterling to make this video

Now, I am sorry, but how can we continue to call black females queens when they continue themselves to act lke jesters and wear the crown of the peasants?  The fact that black females are willing to walk around every day of their lives with this Coon Skin Cap on their heads sponsored by Davey Crocket should be enough to make us all ashamed, but todays black female has no sense of shame!

There is no royalty in the behavior of the majority of black females today.  This is an absolute and utter embarassment to anyone but this young female had no problem walking out of her house like this and exposing herself to the world.

OK OK I know hair is expensive and for a young girl to buy it would be hard.  Also if her mom cant afford it then basically she would do what ever she could.  In many cases, black women who cant afford new weave are just keeping the old weave in and letting it damage their real hair to the point of when it is finally changed there is mold and mildew in their real hair.  But since black females hate themselves and their hair so much, they have no issue letting it rot completely out.  Hell, most black female would rather be bald than to expose the world to their natural hair!  That is truth!

I am sorry, but I have no respect for someone willing to cover their on head with the DNA of another person.  I have no respect for someone who would tell me im a sell out for putting my johnson in a non black woman but you have no issue of covering your head with the hair of a non black woman.

The real sellout is is any black female willing to walk out of her house with someone elses hair on their head.  The real sellout is someone who has fallen in love with the idea of European Beauty!  Remember, I dont walk around trying to look like a white dude!~T.S.