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I Refuse To Be Con-Trolled By Internet Trolls! By Tommy Sotomayor (Video)

I Refuse To Be Con-Trolled By Internet Trolls! By Tommy Sotomayor (Video)

by July 31, 2014 93 comments


By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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Right now people, I am being attacked on line by the biggest troll of them all!  There is a guy on line who I will simply refer to as the Ghost who has claimed that he and some other people who have donated the total amount that is less than one of the gifts I gave out this summer to kids as a refund for my project.

At this time I know that I can not keep arguing against a man who never shows his face and who claimed that real men dont do the exact activity that he himself is doing.  I also can argue against a guy who claimed he had finished a documentary back in December of 2013, Who also claimed it would be released in the spring of 2014, who also said that he wouldnt ask for money for doing this project who then turned around and asked for money for the project, who brags on the amount he got as if its his personal money, and who has yet to release this documentary and its now fall of 2014.  It would be stupid of me to engage in this fight with a man who I cant see.

So my job is done!  I wanted to see who was the agent and the agents have been exposed!

The people have claimed victory over me while I was on a vacation with my daughter.  I love how all of this works because you guys are thinking that I am going to argue with a guy who never shows his face!  If people want to join class action lawsuit for their donation then by all means do it.

There was a white guy who won an election because the idiot voters voted him in office because they thought he was a black guy never ever seeing a photo of him.  This is the black people in America of today because yall are arguing with me over the words of a man you have never seen.  A man who has shown you nothing that he has done for anyone, a man who keeps putting my girlfriends face in his videos and shes done nothing to anyone.  This man is an agent!  He has been called out by several people who have asked who are you and he never shows anyone but he wants to force me to do something?  NO!

I will not be controlled by trolls!

This is obviously some white dude messing with me because no one takes this much of an opportunity to destroy a black man yet claiming he trying to build!  No way in hell could I have filmed a movie in this time and no way I could have lived the way I have been living off of 38 grand and I was living like this before one dime was sent in donations and anyone watching me for the past 3 years knows this.  Even the ghost admitted this on my show when he was a fan which makes all of this even more odd but I am the one with the following so ofcourse people will come at me hoping to get a response!

Like I said in the video “What I do is the equivalent to a man fighting a woman. If the woman punches me gets in some good licks, everybody says ‘Oooh, oohh.’ But if I punch her back, i’m wrong because i’m bigger than her.”

Whats really funny is how people have come out and actually claimed victory over me I guess but I am not sure how that works exactly!  I mean what did they win?  Its easy to expose snakes and I did a great job of doing it!  Now if they will excuse me, I am gonna go back to doing actual work while they work on trying to destroy something they didnt help build.  You know, a fellow black man!

What is being done by this faceless guy has gone beyond trolling to outright harrassment!

I have been to 5 star hotels, front row tickets at basketball and baseball games and this was before a fatherless america but can someone tell me how would I do all of this on just 38k?  Seriously, can someone ask this dude why would I risk everything I have over 38k?  Seriously how do I live like this on 38k and why would I risk everything over 38k.  Oh and if you guys could do me a huge favor, any of you who have been given anything from me, helped in any type of way, this is the time for you to step up now!  If this is really a Sotonation then the people who know me will not stand by as a faceless troll keeps at me without any type of get back.

I have watched my channels get flagged down, facebook get trolled and attacked, family and girlfriend get put in beefs they dont belong in over and over and all you guys do is ask me what I am going to do in response, well what the hell are you guys going to do?  They have teams of trolls and flaggers, you guys if you believe in what I am doing then team tommy should be full of videos!  I know I have helped a lot of people and if they cant stand up and say anything then I at least see whats going on.