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52 Blacks Shot In One Fathers Day Weekend By Other Blacks In Chicago 2010 Yet There Is No Outrage, Why? 2010 – (Video)

52 Blacks Shot In One Fathers Day Weekend By Other Blacks In Chicago 2010 Yet There Is No Outrage, Why? 2010 – (Video)

by June 22, 2014 12 comments

Where’s The Outrage?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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So before I go into what happened in 2014 during the fathers day weekend, I am going to direct you guys to what happened in Chicago during father’s day weekend in 2010.  See, I didnt know that things were this bad in Chicago and that its been this bad for so long.  Maybe because the national media doesnt want to bring attention to savages killing each other.  Now I bet if negros started killing whites then It would be a national outcry to stop it.  But why should whites care if blacks dont?

There is no unity in this community but can people tell me why black people have no problem doing things to each other and never calling it a problem.  If there was a few white people who live in Chicago and killed just 3 black people over a weekend, there would be a public outcry but here you see nothing at all.  This was what happened in 2010 on fathers day…

We have to do better than this but these so called people who love black people should be the main ones pushing for us to be better but instead all we are doing is trying to turn youtube into housewives of Youtube while our real brother and sisters are out there killing each other.  Lets be real revolutionaries and talk about that because if you look at the so called revolutionary youtubers and their channels, they didnt talk about this at all and how could any black know this much death and genocide is goig on and say nothing?

Instead they think that me Tommy Sotomayor needs to be addressed everyday by everyone because he is such a threat! lol


Father’s Day in this Chicago housing project erupted into gunfire this past weekend leaving five shot, including a one-year old girl and her father. The saddest part: such violence has become so typical that it doesn’t even make the front pages.


Father’s Day in a Chicago housing project erupted into gunfire, leaving five shot, including a one-year old girl and her father. The shooting was one of at least 40 reported during a violent and bloody weekend in Chicago that left seven people dead.

The saddest part: such violence has become so typical that it didn’t even make the front pages.

“They’re waging war in the streets of Chicago and we’re losing children every single day,” said Dr. Steven Salzman, a trauma surgeon at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Most of the weekend shootings took place in poor neighborhoods on the city’s south and west sides. Those areas are away from downtown and tourist attractions, perhaps one reason much of the city seemed to shrug its shoulders at the violence.

“I think people just say, ‘Ah, it’s a bunch of gang bangers shooting each other,'” said Jim O’Shea, editor of Chicago News Cooperative. “Unfortunately though, a lot of innocent people get caught in the crossfire.”

Staggering Losses

The losses are staggering: 52 people shot, seven people dead. Charles Ibitoye learned that his 17-year-old son O.J. and another teen were two of the victims. They were found shot to death this morning.

“This is crazy, they didn’t have to kill my son,” Ibitoye said.

A dozen gunshot victims came to Stroger Hospital. One of them died; the others are still hanging on.

“We had a young girl come in that was shot in the back and will probably be paralyzed,” said Dr. Kimberly Nagy, a trauma surgeon.

Powerful Gangs, Plentiful Guns

Police and city officials blame gangs and easy access to guns in spite of a ban on handguns now being challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court.

“You have reasonable laws to get a car, why can’t you have reasonable laws to deal with a gun?” Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said. “I think a gun is more dangerous than a car.”

Beyond the guns and gangs, the city is coping with a culture in which, all too often, minor squabbles lead to deadly force.

“I think people have just grown up thinking if I’m mad at you, I’m going to grab my gun and shoot you,” Dr. Nagy said.

In spite of all the shootings, police say violent crime in Chicago is actually down 11 percent so far this year. That’s cold comfort to those lives shattered during an ordinary weekend in the city.