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Black Women Dumpster Dive & Rummage A Burned Out Hair Store For Weave Calling It A Blessing From God! (Video)

Black Women Dumpster Dive & Rummage A Burned Out Hair Store For Weave Calling It A Blessing From God! (Video)

by January 29, 2018 0 comments

Black Women Are Just Failures!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

This bullcrap happened back on nov 27th in 2017 yet this is my first time getting my hands on it or even seeing it!

It is the story of black women, dark skin ones who felt like it was their job to go and salvage the lost hair of women who are genetically superior to them from the smoldering rubble of a burned out hair store!

These women had no problem going through not only someone elses misfortune looking for gold as it were but they had no issue with jumping into a damn dumpster just to get this freaking weave… take a look!

Now while most people during tragedies are trying to help others, you can always depend on the black women of the USofA to do nothing more than become locust or some other parasite during these trying times!

Many people dislike the things that I say about black women but then how can you have this many stories on the same group of people and not think that something may just be wrong with them?

Looters in search of weave after fire destroys beauty store

Baton Rouge, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) – A massive blaze at “Hair Connection and Beauty Supply” on Florida Boulevard Sunday night left the building destroyed.

Expensive weave and hair products managed not to burn which looters found a way to salvage.

Monday afternoon people ransacked the store mainly in search of weave. One by one, cars drove up parked and scoured the building. People even dove in the dumpster looking for weave.

One person said they found  $2000 worth of hair products. Jacobi Duncan saw the store burning down as an early Christmas blessing.

“It’s a blessing, it’s a blessing, it will help people kids who don’t have anything… it’s a blessing,” said Jacobi Duncan.

The Baton Rouge Fire Department drove by twice but did not stop anyone.