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What Is Left After You Boil The Water Out Of A Bottle Or Can Of Coke? By The Crazy Russian Hacker (Video)

What Is Left After You Boil The Water Out Of A Bottle Or Can Of Coke? By The Crazy Russian Hacker (Video)

by June 5, 2014 0 comments

What Happens After This

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor

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Yall know how much I love Russians right and you know how much Russians love black people? Yeah yeah I know, its a joke but I do love my personal Russians because they are all I know about Russians.  I was sent this video that went viral by a Russian Guy by the name of The Crazy Russian Hacker!

In this video, the brother boiled a bottle of Coke A Cola and I must tell you that in the end, you will be disgusted!

After seeing this, it makes me wonder about every thing that we drink that is so called refreshing.  Why we as americans really dont take time to see what is in the food that we drink or eat.  We are just told that its good and we eat it.  Why is that?

Why dont we want to do our own research about small things?  Now I am not telling you to not drink another soda or eat another tilapia fish but what I am telling you is that your US Government does not want the best thing for you.  They want the most profitable thing for them.. Period!

Honestly, my favorite part is hearing him speak english.  When I worked for a Isreali Company in Atlanta, I used to work with a Russian by the name of Michael Yudanin, and he sounded just like this guy.  I love the accent when they seem to know just enough english but they kick jokes and use the wrong tenses!  I also love the fact that he reminds me of my girl a little and makes me want to get on a plane and fly back to California……AGAIN!

Make sure you check out all of the Crazy Russians Info as I am going to see if we can get him and my girl to do an interview in Russian for the website!




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