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#DBBP EP#9 Bobby Brown On How His Drug Dealing Mom Allowed Him To Fry Chicken With Cocaine! (Video)

#DBBP EP#9 Bobby Brown On How His Drug Dealing Mom Allowed Him To Fry Chicken With Cocaine! (Video)

by April 10, 2017 1 comment

Its D*ck Sucking Good! LOL

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Only in the black community do we not only have stories like this, but several people have stories like this and when we talk about these stories, we laugh because so many of us can relate to it!

Carole Brown, the late mother of R&B Badboy Bobby Brown is being outed by her son as a piece of crap mother who put her kids in harms way just so she could make ends meet!

Growing up in the ghettos of Boston Mass weren’t enough for this black woman, nope, she wanted to not only continue to have kids but she felt like she could become the neighborhood queenpin by slanging dope out of the home where she was raising these kids.   To make matters worse, she left the home for her 10 year old son Bobby to have to cook and fend for himself.

While leaving her kids in the home, she also left them in the home with all of her product which could have ended the young Bobby Browns life as he was just trying to fry himself some food to eat at the tender age of 10… Here is The story

Guys, this isn’t some type of joke, this is a damn crime yet in the black community, no matter what your mother does, if you survive it then it is supposed to be funny and not something she should face any consequences over!

Even if you took the cocaine out of the situation what you will be left with is a 10 year old boy in the kitchen around a hot stove with hot grease and the black mother had no issue with this because while she was out being the next Nino Brown, it was her lil mans job to make sure he could fend for himself!

When you see these messed up black men always remember, there is a black hoodrat who raised him that way!

If you thought Bobby Brown detailing his sexual experience with a g-g-g-ghost was the most ridiculous story in his book, Every Little Step, guess again because it’s not. The distinction definitely goes to the tale about him finding out the hard way that his loving mother was also the neighborhood drug dealer.

It never occurred to Bobby Brown that his mom was peddling drugs to make ends meet. Not even when she had their Orchard Park projects apartment door replaced with a heavy, black metal one. According to the New Edition singer, he thought the replacement door was to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses from constantly pestering the family. “My little sister and I thought my parents were petrified of the Jehovah’s Witnesses because of how they scurried whenever the missionaries came knocking.” But no, it was because his mother, Carole Brown, was selling cocaine.

Brown came face to face with cocaine when he thought he would put his culinary skills to the test after being taught how to cook by his mom. One night, when both parents were away, a then 10-year-old Bobby thought it would be sweet to cook dinner for his family, specifically, fried chicken. That didn’t turn out so well when he accidentally used cocaine instead of flour to fry his chicken.

So I decided to use the large bag of flour I found in the freezer to make some fried chicken. I got the chicken parts out of the refrigerator and covered a bunch of pieces in the flour. Then I dropped them in a pan of sizzling oil. I was 10. So I didn’t realize the strangely pungent smell emanating from the pan. When the chicken pieces were nice and brown, I figured I was done. After I had taken a few bites and feeling weirder with each bite, my mother walked in the door. At first she was smiling at the idea that her little Bobby had made dinner. Then her gaze swept across the kitchen as she got hit with the full brunt of the scene, the smell, the mess, the powder. With horror, she realized what I had done. I fried chicken in her cocaine — a radical new addition to the family’s culinary offerings. Cocaine chicken.

Even though his mother never told him the “flour” he used to fry chicken was cocaine, Bobby was later able to put two and two together on his own. “It wasn’t until months later that I truly understood what was going on in my home and what my mother was selling through the heavy black door.”


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    I paragraph #8 of this interview Kendrick reveals he was 6-yrs-old witnessing shotgun toting, “living wild” family members peddling drugs to his depressed, self-harming neighbors, as well as witnessing the roots of poverty and a systemic Culture of Criminal Child Abuse/Maltreatment that prevented Kendrick, the numerous kids in his family clan, as well as many of his elementary and JHS from experiencing a fairly or wonderfully happy American kid childhood while enjoying SAFE STREETS to travel and play on.

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