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This Black Dude Goes Off On Tommy Sotomayor, His Mother, Father, Girlfriend & Daughter! Must See Video!

This Black Dude Goes Off On Tommy Sotomayor, His Mother, Father, Girlfriend & Daughter! Must See Video!

by January 24, 2014 0 comments

I am shocked!!

By Tommy Sotomayor

Guys you must please understand that the guy in the video below, I don’t know him I don’t speak to him yet he has made around 20 videos about me saying lies over and over!  Finally I did a video addressing these jealous guys on youtube (I will post that video below as well) and this is what his comeback to me was!  Now the reason I am posting his work to me is to make sure he understand that even when he talks about me, I still get paid!

But mainly I want you guys to see the lengths that these black men are going to in order to get my attention!  Dude talks about how many houses and cars he has when no one asked him yet he says hes not going to show them because well he isn’t trying to impress me.  Dude goes on to talk about how ugly my mate is yet never shows his mate at all!  Dude even goes so far as to talk crap about my mom, who is black remember, and my father who is also black and tells you guys how burnt my face and body is but hes mister pro black and don’t talk down to black women.  Hilarious!

But the one thing that is so curious is their infatuation with saying things about my girl as if it makes it true I mean you lose credibility when you say her breast sag when they sit up like a 20 year old, the doctor made sure of that! lol And mind you, this dude as you can check his channel, literally started his videos 3 months ago first video was about me and 15 more over the 3 months have been about me before I even knew dude existed!  Now would a man with 3 house and 2 cars be doing this on line?  Especially if he is renting his homes?  I mean who would want to rent from this guy who is on line harassing and cussing out a complete stranger?

He is hoping like they all are to get me to speak to them or on them but give me your honest response of what you think I should do after you watch his video?

P.S. Why does he keep saying I probably have AIDS as if its something to play with or about

Here is My video that upset him

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