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Racist Comedian Bill Maher’s Trannyish Ex-Bedwench Speaks Out About His Prior Use Of The N Word! (Video)

Racist Comedian Bill Maher’s Trannyish Ex-Bedwench Speaks Out About His Prior Use Of The N Word! (Video)

by June 8, 2017 0 comments

The Black Whore Speaks!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Many blacks have come out in defense of Bill Maher for his use of the N word including the likes of Cornell West & Micheal Eric Dyson but there is one who isn’t and that person knew him more intimately than anyone else… well I dont know about MED they might be just as much acquainted… The person in question is a Trannyish looking person by the name of Coco Johnsen.

Johnsen exposes Bill in a way that if you pay attention to what is being said, he is no stranger to saying the N word!

Every one knows that Bill Maher has a lust for “Black Women” you know like most liberal white males have.  Well they also have a lust for Black men and men and general.

I bet you every dollar that I have that Bill has not only said this around his white friends but around those black people that came out to stick up for

Why else do you think they are sticking up for him because those same people won’t give a pass to any other white person so what makes this white person so special?

Its not like he was even saying it like HOMIE, he was just saying Nigger, but one that is a house slave so it is better than a crispy field nigger because no one wants to be that!

To be honest, this is why you don’t date black women because as soon as they get a chance to throw you under the bus, they will and she had no issue doing it to this man after trying to stick him for money for not marrying her or him what ever it is!

Coco Johnsen, a model who dated Maher in the early 2000s, told TMZ Wednesday that anyone who uses the slur is “very insensitive” and had specific advice for her former beau.

Just use another word next time,” said Johnsen, who is black. “I’m sure that he’s learned his lesson. Maybe a little sensitivity training at the NAACP could do some use.”

A TMZ interviewer attempted to pin down whether Maher used the word around Johnsen, who later sued the comic for palimony, but she didn’t take the bait.

Last week on his show, Maher jokingly referred to himself as a “house n****r” in a talk with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.). The comedian apologized after intense backlash that resulted in Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) canceling his scheduled appearance on the show.

In 2005, a judge dismissed Johnsen’s $9 million suit claiming Maher had promised to marry her and support her lifestyle.