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How The Bill Cosby Scandal Exposes Feminism For The Fraud That It Is!

How The Bill Cosby Scandal Exposes Feminism For The Fraud That It Is!

by January 17, 2015 2 comments

Equality, Really?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So, I finally took time to address the nations hot button topic which for the last few weeks has been none other than the Bill Cosby Scandal.

This scandal has women coming from every corner of the world it seems to say that Dr Cosby went on a date rape spree and was just taking a$$ all over the country from basically white women.

Now I have no idea if these allegations are true or not but what I did start to notice that when Gloria Allred was trotted out there by some of the so called victims, I knew then that the Feminazis were going to be our in full force.  With that being said, I felt it was needed that I address this part of what is going on…Take a look!

Instead of going to other countries and trying to liberate women, why not treat them like they are equal and let them liberate themselves?  Why are we even having the discussion with women about them being equal to men when the main thing we have to do is not use our power so they can exert what little power they have?

We as men should be careful backing the claims of every thing a woman says about a man because there are no reprecussions for women when they lie on men or anyone else for that matter.  A woman can lie on a kid and we listen to the woman before we listen to the kid!
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