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Street Thugs Shoot Up The BET 2014 Music Awards After Party! (Video)

Street Thugs Shoot Up The BET 2014 Music Awards After Party! (Video)

by July 1, 2014 7 comments

More Niggativity!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Snapshot 2 (7-1-2014 3-01 AM)

So while people are telling me that I am a bad influence on black people, black people are killing each other at rates that would put the KKK to shame.

I gave you two stories before this one of things that simply went on during an LA event that was supposed to be a celebration of black talent, well take a look at the video below and see how the nite ended with the same violence that it started with.

****Correction, it was not a BET Award Show that Biggie Lost His Life At****

So now, can you really be upset with my position on the black community?  If this is what it is then f*ck it!  I still believe that there is no black community but fools keep saying that there is by some book definition so thats why I say f*ck that community that you claim you love so much,

This black community is only here to cause confusion, terror and destruction.  There is no way that we are going to survive when we are known for doing this type of stuff to each other.  There is no need for a KKK in america because we are exterminating ourselves one celebration at a time.

Remember, at every event that we do, a death seems to come from it!