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BREAKING NEWS: Black Mom Of 5 Who Beat The Crap Out Of Her Son At School On Video Has Her Children Removed By CPS! (Video)

BREAKING NEWS: Black Mom Of 5 Who Beat The Crap Out Of Her Son At School On Video Has Her Children Removed By CPS! (Video)

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We Made A Difference!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Investigators with the state Child Protective Services agency today removed four children, ages 2 to 12, from the home of a mother who is the subject of a video published Wednesday on social media that shows her verbally and physically abusing one of the children at Homer Drive Elementary School.

Shari Pulliam, spokeswoman for CPS, confirmed the successful removal for the safety of the four children, two of whom were at school and two of whom were in the home.

A fifth child, who resided in Houston, was also taken into custody by CPS.

The five children are ages 1, 2, 3, 7 and 12.


I want to interject here and say that the entire staff who watched this child be snatched up like this and dragged out by his collar should also be fired as well!

Any potential legal action taken against the mother is a law enforcement decision, she added.

An associate judge signed the order Friday allowing the removal of the four children, said Randi A. King, chief prosecutor in the family law division of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

Child Protective Services investigated the video, identified the woman in question and went to her Beaumont home Thursday, executing the removal order for the children, which was completed midday today.

In the video, which was available on Twitter and Facebook throughout Wednesday afternoon, a woman, accompanied by another person who was recording the incident, entered the Homer Drive Elementary cafeteria, located the child and dragged him outside by his shirt collar.

Once in the courtyard, the woman screamed obscenities at the child, forcing him to make an apology to another adult, at which point the woman began striking the child several times with what appears to be a belt, threatening to “break your (expletive) face” and calling him a racially derogatory epithet.

No one interceded during the incident, either inside the cafeteria or in the assault outside.

King said once the removal is completed and the children are safely in foster care, a hearing in one of the two family law courts will take place either Nov. 19 or Nov. 21 for further disposition.