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2 Black Beasties Fight, Post It On Facebook Leads To Murder Of Married Couple Of 4 Kids! (Video)

2 Black Beasties Fight, Post It On Facebook Leads To Murder Of Married Couple Of 4 Kids! (Video)

by April 24, 2014 8 comments

AGAIN..Over A Facebook Post…Really???

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

You can set your watch by it.  A black woman online somewhere in america right now is starting a fight with either someone she actually knows or that she has never met at all over something that was posted on line!  You can find some black woman either on facebook, twitter or anywhere that they can cause a problem, doing just that.

They will insult you, poke you, prode you, with the hopes of making your life as miserable as theres and this is exactly what happened here in Memphis TN!

Now negros like to talk and brag about how rough their city is and how they will kill each other over damn near nothing.  Well this mom and dad lost their lives over something smaller than nothing.  I would never date a woman who was willing to sit in the streets fighting!  EVER!

Below Is The Entire Fight!!

See this mother was such a good mother that she posted the fight on her own page!!!  Yep so in the process of trying to embarass the girl that she beat up, well the girl that she beat up felt like she needed to get back. Again, how can they say how nice this girl is when she beat up a girl and then posted the beating?

Why didnt someone tell her that posting the beating up of another girl isnt a good idea?  I am not going to try and say anything other than there never should be a case where you beat up someone at your house then post the video to embarass them!

Black women are way too damn violent and these people caused their own death by doing dumb stuff to dumb niggaz.  We love messing with each other until someone breaks and its sickening that now 4 kids are without parents over stupid crap!


Man and woman found dead after child calls police; family says may have been ‘retaliation’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) – -For the last ten years their love for each other had taken root and blossomed in the heart of Orange Mound.

“Then the next thing you know they was head over heels in love. I mean head over heels in love. Both of them,” said Danielle’s aunt Lydia Babb.  “One was glue and the other one was the wood. And they never left each other. Stuck together just that tight.”

But, when James and Danielle Alexander’s seven-year-old daughter awoke at 7 a.m. Thursday morning to prepare for school, she found her parents together again in their living room shot to death inside their home in the 2600 block of Enterprise. Their horrified oldest daughter, with three younger siblings inside the house as well, made the call to Memphis Police.

MPD Major Dennis McNeil said, “Officer went inside the residence and found two persons unresponsive. Memphis Fire Department was contacted. They came in and pronounced both persons deceased.”

Yet, just as quickly as dozens of onlookers began to crowd the street to watch the crime scene, family members of the 26-year-old Alexander and his 23-year-old wife were already attaching a motive to the murders captured on a cell phone video.

“This got to stop. We understand this all probably “retaliation” from an altercation that happened like a week ago. But, it got to stop,” said Babb.

In the video, a pink shirt clad Danielle Alexander is seen fighting with another woman as her husband James and others can be seen yelling at one another as the fighting went on. The wild scene is in sharp contrast with the family and neighbors’ descriptions of a quiet couple deeply devoted to taking care of their children ages 7, 5, 4 and 2. So, much so, they decided to get married just over two months ago.

Danielle Alexander’s mother Dujuna England said, “She was outgoing. Very smart. She pretty much was a good mother to her children.”

“He loved his kids. One of the better daddies you’ve ever seen and very protective of Danielle,” recalls Babb.

Neighbor Pamela Parker Stevison said, “They had gotten a little puppy and ah, they adored that dog and they would run that dog all around that house. Back to the sidewalk. Just normal people. It’s so sad you know.” Another neighbor Sandra Dickerson says, “And knowing kids up in there too. Oh, that hurt me so bad.”

Memphis homicide detectives may have a lot to work with in finding a suspect.

Stevison said the Alexanders did have working security cameras outside their home.

Some neighbors claim their dogs alerted them to a man running from the back of the house an hour before the bodies were discovered and then there’s the fight captured on video.

The children, none of whom were hurt, were questioned and then released into the custody of family members and an uncertain future.

“I can’t even imagine what it’s like to lose both your parents at one time,” said England.

“Violence and that’s what needs to stop,” says Babb. “One thing after another. The violence from one end to another. From one neighborhood to another. Families losing whole families. Kids be without mothers and fathers.”


(earlier report)

Family members have confirmed the victims are 26-year-old James Alexander and 23-year-old Danielle Alexander.

The couple has four children ranging in ages from 7, 5, 4 and 3. They had known each other since junior high school and then were married in February of this year.

Family member say they were a loving couple.

But family members did say that the deaths may have been part of a retaliation that involved Mrs. Alexander a couple of weeks ago.

This video earlier in the post was posted by Danielle on her Facebook page. Someone asked if she was the one fighting she said, “Yes cuz in the pink shirt.” This is the same video that the victim’s mother showed to FOX13 (FOX13 removed the expletives from this video).

In it her husband, Mr. Alexander can be seen trying to break it up.  He is the one in the blue shirt according to Danielle’s mother.

Also FOX13 was told by several sources that they were awakened by 6am by their dogs barking and they saw at least one suspect run from the back of the house.

At this time all 4 children are in Memphis Police custody.

This is an ongoing investigation.

You are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-Cash if you have any information.

On Thursday, April 24, 2014, at approximately 7:00 a.m, officers responded to a Shooting call at 2699 Enterprise.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers were met by a 7-year-old female who advised that her parents had been shot. Officers gathered the child, along with three additional children (ranging from 5 to 2-years of age) and removed them from the residence. Upon checking the residence, officers located two victims, 26-year-old male and 23-year-old female. Both victims suffered from an apparent gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased on the scene.

The children are currently in the custody of family members and were not injured.

No arrest has been made at this point.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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