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Why Do Little Black Girls Want To Be A Baby Momma More Than Being A Wife? (Live Broadcast)

Why Do Little Black Girls Want To Be A Baby Momma More Than Being A Wife? (Live Broadcast)

by January 12, 2023 0 comments

Tommy Sotomayor Predicted It!
By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


why do most ladies now prefer to be mistresses than wifeys?

Nana Yaa — Author

The unfortunate civilization in the 21st century has made it a norm to have children out of wedlock. It has interestingly turned around the shame associated with having illegitimate children into some sort of achievement which deserves a badge of honor.

The term originated from Jamaican Creole (popularly known as Jamaican Patois/patwah) as ‘baby- mother’ pronounced ‘bebi-mada’. It is only used to describe mothers of illegitimate children so; this implies that there is not a common law of marriage or any form of customary rite but now, it has become a general term for single mothers across the globe.

Why do most ladies nowadays willingly opt to become baby mothers of some undeserving men? What kind of sane woman would hold up her head in high esteem to the baby mama title? I am always saddened when I see graceful women with great potentials beam with smiles when they are tagged with that title. Now, it seems there is pride in being called ‘a baby mama’ than being ‘a proud Mrs.’ This situation mainly occurs when women force themselves on men who are unwilling and not ready to be in any form committed relationship with them. Young women of today proudly post pictures of themselves and their kids and caption them with #lifeofababymama #babymamabusiness; giiirl!!! You need to wake up from your slumber and realize that being a baby mama isn’t a pride or business; it means your life is a total mess. Stop making your life a circus by being and acting like a clown.

Sheila knew Louis wasn’t taking her serious from scratch but she still stuck around him with the silly thought that “with time, he would grow to love her” but it was all a dream. I saw it all and warned her to back out of it but she was too blinded by what she thought was love. She said to me “Nana, Louis told me yesterday that he was ready to go the extra mile with me and I am ready to stick to him throughout this new journey,” I couldn’t help but laugh. She knew perfectly that this guy is known for being indecisive when it came to women; he knows there are a variety of fishes in the sea so Sheila would definitely not be his last. To cut the long story short, Sheila got pregnant and knowing who Louis was I knew for sure that my friend was totally screwed. He said to her in his fake American accent “babes, you know I ain’t ready for this and if it means I gotta put a ring on it then I’m sorry to disappoint you but I can’t. If I gotta settle down anyways it ain’t gonna be with you. You know I’m a hard guy and I gotta get my shine on at all times and I can’t be let down by no ‘baby mama drama’ now.” Louis had indirectly tagged Sheila as his baby mama and that was how it was going to be forever.

Sheila now has a daughter and is always seen on Instagram flaunting her child in numerous photo shoots with captions like #strongerthanever #babymummylove #princessandmummy when in actual fact it should be #imadeafooloutofmyself #itpaystowait.

To my fearless ladies out there, don’t slow your game down by reducing yourself to nothing but a baby mama. If he wants to put a baby in it then there’s got to be a ring on it. Let’s upgrade ourselves so we can get tied down the right way. Don’t cheapen yourself by tagging desperately along with men especially, the married ones. Even if the man involved is a ‘celebrity’, he is still not worth your dignity.

Take your time and get hitched with Pride.

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