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My Man Arsenio Hall Goes Off On Some Gay Protesters Who Try To Interrupt His Show! (Video)

My Man Arsenio Hall Goes Off On Some Gay Protesters Who Try To Interrupt His Show! (Video)

by May 17, 2014 2 comments

You Got Some Gay Nerve

By: Tommy ”Tj” Sotomayor

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Now this happened back in 1991 back when Arsenio Hall was on top of the world and of course when you are on the top there will always be people trying to bring you down.  Here is the set up

Before Arsenio was about to go on with a monologue of jokes he heard a few people in the crowd yelling at him.  Being ever the showman and back then he loved interacting with his audience, Arsenio took the opportunity to hear what they were yelling.  Turns out that it was some gay guys questioning why Arsenio has no gays on his show.  Well, I am sure they didnt expect the black Aresenio to show up but um, that is exactly what they got.  Take a look..

Now, a lot of people back then were saying that this was all set up and that it was scripted but lets look at it this way, how far is that off from how gays act today?  They try to force people to come out of the closet by claiming xyz person is gay or saying things about them are gay who are famous.  They say that if you dont agree with their lifestyle that somehow you are hating them and are this made up word called a homophobe.

The truth is that noone should care who anyone is having sex with but if you make it public then be prepared for peoples opinion.  A lot of white people dont like to see me with a non black woman and so do a lot of black people but as long as it doesnt prevent me from living my life they have that right.  Some people make fun of other people because their mate is either too tall, too short, fat, skinny or just ugly but for some strange dayum reason you cant say anything  when you see two grown men kissing on TV?

Lets act like we telling each other the truth here, it is odd to see two men on TV doing that because we rarely if ever see it so dont bring some new crap to me then act funny when i find it strange.  If a guy was able to kick himself in the back of the head I would look at that kinda weird, not because I am a head kickeraphobe but because thats some sh*t I have never seen so get it right.

Anyway, Arsenio may have or may not have scripted this but what he did prove way back in 1991 is that todays gays feel like they can control your thoughts as well as your actions or be subject to their wrath and more of us need to stand up just like Arsenio did over 20 years ago and yell out.. HELL F*CK NO, I AINT HAVIN IT!

Now lets be honest, at the end it did start to look a bit staged but did Arsenio not ask a great question?  Why can we make jokes about blacks, politicians and everyone else even women but if we joke about GAYs its an issue?

I had a white woman make a video going off on me about my Micheal Sams Video, claiming that she used to like me but now views me as a Homophobe.  Funny you would say that white lady, so you thought it was OK when i make fun of black women all dayum day but say something about a gay man and you lose respect for me?? Well screw you and everyone else who feels the way you do.  You dont run me and I fear no Gays, Blacks, Women, Whites.. NO ONE.. this is the joy of working for your dayumself!

Remember, if you can take a d*ck you can take a joke!!!

Snapshot 1 (5-17-2014 11-02 PM)