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Another Group Of Black Women Brawl Again At Chuck E Cheese In Amherst NY Finally Arrest Were Made! (Video)

Another Group Of Black Women Brawl Again At Chuck E Cheese In Amherst NY Finally Arrest Were Made! (Video)

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These Hoes Are Insufferable!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

I honestly think that the black community would be better off with out 2/3rds of the so called queens in it!  If we could switch out black women for a woman of any other race and started having children with them, then we wouldnt have the weave epidemic nor the violence because it all starts with black women in my humble opinion!

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Another place of business was interrupted by an outbreak of violence that was started by the so called most educated group in America!

Amherst police have made an arrest in connection with a brawl that broke out last month at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant on Harlem Road in Amherst.

Amherst Police Detective Sean Charleson said 20-year-old Tamika Clemons of Buffalo was arrested for her actions in the melee. The incident involved about a half-dozen young adults, most of whom are seen repeatedly pummeling each other and pulling hair, according to the contents of a video of the brawl that was widely circulated on social media.

Clemons was charged with one count of assault in the second degree, which is a felony. She was arraigned Thursday in Amherst Town Court by Town Justice Kara Buscaglia. Bail for Clemons was set at $1,000 cash.

Police investigating brawl inside WNY Chuck E.Cheese

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — – A brawl breaks out at Chuck E. Cheese on Amherst and it’s all caught on video. Now some parents say they want answers. Amherst police are investigating the incident that happened at the location on Harlem Road at Sheridan Drive.

Parents tell News 4 were at least 15 people involved in the brawl. They say they’re disappointed that more people didn’t jump in to stop it especially since they were so many young children around.

“It turned out to be an all-out brawl. They were breaking machines. It was totally out of control,” said Peggy Cifelli.

Seeing a brawl break out isn’t exactly how Peggy Cifelli planned to spend her granddaughter’s 5th birthday. She took her family to the Chuck E. Cheese on Harlem Road at Sheridan Drive in Amherst Saturday. She says she noticed a group of girls walking near the stage.

“They were cussing and swearing, we’re not going to put up with this so I kind of had a feeling something was going on but I wasn’t sure,” said Cifelli.

Minutes later, Cifelli says a fight broke out. In a video sent to News 4 by Jay Keenan you can see several teen girls climbing on game machines and punching each other.

A spokesperson for chuck e cheese says it started as an argument.

At one point in the video, you can see a girl throw something across the room.

“A mother had her child knocked out of her hands in the ruckus,” said Cifelli.

Cifelli’s son John was there with his kids. He says he tried to stop the fight after seeing a group of girls hit another girl.

“She was just getting pummeled, so I kind of just pushed the group and got them off her,” said John Donovan.

He says Chuck E. Cheese needs security.

“At one point I looked at all the adults like let’s stop this, they’re teenagers, like there’s tons of little kids here running around like somebody’s going to get hurt,” said Donovan.

“Something has to change to protect the children,” said Cifelli.

CEC Entertainment, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, says it is aware of the incident. A spokesperson says in a statement:

“We want to assure parents and caregivers that we take great measures to protect the experience children and families have in our restaurants and maintaining a safe experience for our guests and staff is a primary concern for us.”

-CEC Entertainment spokesperson

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