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Africanized Beastie Leaves Infant In The Middle Of A Busy Street To Get Back At The Father! (Video)

Africanized Beastie Leaves Infant In The Middle Of A Busy Street To Get Back At The Father! (Video)

by June 28, 2014 22 comments

Africanized Beastie!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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This seems to be a cross between the American Beastie & The African Beastie because there is no excuse for what this lady did to the child she loves so much.  Funny how mother earth seems to be the worst keeper of the children that she wants to take so much credit in being perfect at raising.

The story below was sent to me by Marcus Cox who had nothing to say about the incident other than the title of the story which read Witnesses say mother left baby in the street to prove a point to the father

The story seems fake on its face until you realize, oh hell no, its really this dayum bad.  People really act this way and then when I call black women the worst stewards of children they all go ape sh*t but why dont they go batty over stories like this?

All of the black women in this story failed the kids that they were asked to take care of.  All of the black women in this story decided that the care of the child was the least of their worries.

Now my issue is that they were little girls and the fact that some grown a$$ men left some little girls to be mothers alone is just as dayum disturbing.  How else do you expect a child to act?  Like a brat which is what the young woman did because as you can see from her face, she is either slow or has failed to grow up.  In the end, I think this child has no chance because all of the adults in its life seem to be f*cked up royally!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A mother is facing charges after police say she left her baby girl in the middle of a west Louisville street on purpose. Witnesses say they’re happy she is now behind bars.Bandages on her tiny feet and arms are the only signs showing that the 3-month-old was the subject of a disturbing situation Thursday evening.”I ain’t never in my life seen nothing happen in my life like that,” witness Toni Yelder said.She says the mother of the child, 20-year-old Dunia Abdullahi, placed the baby in the middle of Cecil Avenue and walked away.

“She just put the baby in the street and was on the sidewalk,” Yelder said. “I was down there crying, telling this lady: please, get this baby off the concrete.”

According to the arrest report, it was 87 degrees at the time, meaning the asphalt was much hotter and the baby was wearing nothing but a diaper.

“That baby sat in the street for about 35, 45 minutes,” Yelder estimates.

It’s said she placed the child in the street to prove a point to the baby’s father. Witnesses say she was referencing an African Tradition.

“She said I’m not going to no jail because this is what we do in Africa.” Yelder explained, “That’s what they do in Africa. [Yelder said] ‘What you talking about Africa, girl?’ That has nothing to do with you putting a baby in the street.”

The baby’s aunt, Famo Dayib says her family is just happy she is okay.

“What an evil mother, but thanks God she’s alive today, living, happy and everything is fine with her.” Dayib said, “I’m not so happy with what her mother did but thanks God she is here.”

We spoke with the family as Child Protective Services was leaving their house Friday. The mother has been ordered not to see the little girl.

Dayib said “There are consequences with everything in life and I think that was her consequence for putting an infant in the street.”

The family says they don’t understand why she would put her own baby’s life in danger.

“She’s never done anything like this before. I was shocked,” Dayib said.