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Continued Genocide In Chicago: 8 Killed, At Least 46 Wounded By Gun Violence Over Weekend! (VIDEO)

Continued Genocide In Chicago: 8 Killed, At Least 46 Wounded By Gun Violence Over Weekend! (VIDEO)

by June 22, 2014 91 comments

Warm Weather Brings Out The Savage Beast!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

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So I guess in Chicago, when the weather heats up so does the violence?  If you are here because of the video I did on fathers day 2010 then I am sure you know how bad it was then.  Well what you are about to see actually happened on Father’s Day 2014 weekend and it was just as bloody and just as bad but what you are going to hear is the snow people telling you that its getting better.

So now you see what the people in law enforcement think about the people on the innercity.  The one thing that you cant deny is going on here is that black people are killing other black people.  Black people need to start looking within themselves and not outside of themselves.

Donald Sterling says something about black people and black folks go nuts but when black people kill black each other there is no outcry at all.  No one is marching the streets when you have these cities like Chicago that have streets that are literally running red with blood of black boys and girls.  No one flinches when when these people are being held hostage in their own homes because the violence ourside of their homes is so bad.

The black children grow up feeling like they may not not see 21 years of age in this city.  The world sees this city and I have heard people say that they wouldnt care if cities like this were bombed and rebuilt with new people.  Black people are so stupid that they will keep killing these people but blame it on the system, blame it on being poor when there are people in the trailor parks that are just as poor but nowhere near as savage.

I am sorry but the majority of black people in the united states are deserving of the way that they are looked at by people outside of the black community.  I dont like being around a group of black people, I dont like being in majority of black cities, I dont like hanging out in all black clubs, I dont like going to black a lot of stuff because when you get a bunch of black people together it usually doesnt work out well for all involved!  If we really want to make a change then lets do it instead fo watching our people die over nothing.

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Eight people were killed and at least 46 others wounded by gun violence over the hot Chicago weekend.

At least eight people died and at least 46 others were wounded in shootings over a hot, bloody weekend in Chicago.

Joseph Briggs, 16, was the youngest victim of gun violence over the weekend. He was shot in the head while standing with a group of people on the porch in front of his family’s home Saturday evening and died early Sunday.

His grandmother Josephine Briggs told theChicago Sun-Times that she believed her grandson was not the intended target of the shooting which police say may have been gang-related.

“He [had] a nice personality. He always [was] smiling. Every time you see him he got a big smile on his face. He was just a happy grandson,” she told the paper of the Gage Park High School junior.

Rashaun Stephany, 22, and Mario Jackson, 26, were killed in a single shooting on the 5100 block of South May Street just before 5 p.m. Friday, the Chicago Tribunereports. Three other males were injured in the same incident.

Alease Davies, Stephany’s mother, told ABC Chicago her son had been “on his way to the studio to make his music. That is all he ever did. They snatched him away. It hurts so bad.”  Below is video taken by a citizen showing what the aftermath of 5 people being shot.

From late Saturday into early Sunday alone, 20 people were wounded by gunfire in Chicago.

The weekend’s latest shooting occurred late Sunday evening, when someone opened fire at a party near Halsted and 50th in the city’s Back of the Yards neighborhood, according to ABC. Two males were killed and three others were wounded in the incident.

The victims of gun violence were mostly male and ranged in age from 17 to 50. No arrests have been made in the shootings as of Monday morning.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy appeared on several local news stations Monday morning and addressed the bloody weekend. McCarthy pointed out that overall crime in the city is down 10 percent.

None of it is OK,” McCarthy told NBC Chicago. “Crime reduction is a process. We implement the strategies and the question is are we doing better than we were last year. And the answer is yes.”

Homicides in Chicago so far this year were up nearly 50 percent when compared to last year, as of late last month.